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Sun Aug 15 2004
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Warbird Alley: Privately-owned, vintage, ex-military aircraft
wb2004 Airventure Grand Champion (Post WWII),
a Vought F4U-5NL Corsair fires up for a flight.
 Aircraft restored by American Aero Services,
New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
AOPA Online - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association home page
    AOPA gets congressional directive to FAA to improve FSS service
Rave reviews for Air Safety Foundation's Runway Safety program Click to download program
Even the "big guys" think it's good. The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's online Runway Safety program is already drawing rave reviews.
"What can I say? Wonderful," wrote Northwest Airlines pilot Isaac Lang. "I have recommended that our ALPA pilots at Northwest Airlines complete your Runway Safety program." Lang is the Air Line Pilots Association safety vice chairman at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.
When officials with the FAA's Office of Runway Safety and Operational Services wanted to reverse the dangerous trend of runway incursions, they turned to AOPA and the Air Safety Foundation for help. They knew there was no better way to get the word to general aviation pilots, and they knew the resulting program would be innovative, entertaining, and, more important, educational.
What they got was a triple whammy: a ground-breaking online training program, the FAA's own "Runway Safety" brochure distributed directly to more than 400,000 pilots, and an informative article in the world's largest aviation magazine, AOPA Pilot. More on runway safety
Graphic: AOPA Air Safety Foundation's brand-new Runway Safety online course is a comprehensive lesson on safely navigating ramps, runways, and taxiways. It is free and available to all pilots.
Proof AOPA Airport Watch concept works AOPA's Airport Watch
Here's the proof that GA airports really are small communities and that the "residents" know when something is amiss. Yesterday, alert folks at a general aviation airport contacted authorities who nabbed two suspicious characters before they could cause trouble.
"This incident demonstrates the validity of the concept," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "Vigilant pilots and airport workers make the best security force because they know who does and doesn't belong at the airport. They can easily spot the things that just don't seem right."
But there's more to this story, including a twist worthy of Paul Harvey.
The story begins as a man telephones an FBO at St. Louis Downtown Airport (CPS), not far from the Gateway Arch, and asks about chartering a helicopter. About an hour later, two men of Middle Eastern appearance walk into the FBO, pull out cash to pay for the flight, and present driver's licenses from two different states as ID. Office staff notices their car is registered in a third state.
"Things just didn't smell right," said St. Louis Downtown Airport Director Bob McDaniel, "so the mechanic took them into the hangar to see the aircraft, while the office person called the FBI and local police." (Airport Watch guidance says to call local police or the FBI if you suspect an immediate threat to life or property.) More on Airport Watch
Republican convention brings airspace restrictions Don't become a "track of interest"
The Republican National Convention hits New York City August 30 through September 3. That means two things for pilots — airspace around New York will be either off-limits or severely restricted to general aviation, and military and security types will be keeping a very close eye on their radar screens, looking at any target tracks within 30 nautical miles or so of New York that look suspicious. And if you "loiter" or maneuver or do anything other than "in and out" within the temporary flight restriction (TFR) area, we can guarantee you'll get a very close look at a military fighter or a Customs Blackhawk. (To brush up on your intercept procedures, see the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's
Air Force Link
RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- A C-130 Hercules comes in for a landing here July 27. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Justin D. ...
Air Force base near Tampa ready for Hurricane Charley
SAN ANTONIO (AFPN) Several Air Force bases in the path of Hurricane Charley are preparing for whatever the storm may throw at them.
Air Force agent killed in Iraq
ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. (AFPN) A special agent assigned to the 33rd Field Investigation Squadron here and deployed to Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq, was killed in action Aug. 8.
Flying into the eye
OVER FLORIDA (AFPN) As Hurricane Charley approached the Florida coast, wind speeds increased to a top speed of 148 knots (170 mph) while the diameter of the storm’s eye decreased to an intense 5 miles.
Sergeant witnesses birth of son 10,000 miles away
OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (AFPN) Tech. Sgt. Troy Goodman did not sit by his wife's hospital bed when she gave birth to their second son. Instead, he sat more than 10,000 miles away in tent city watching the delivery via Webcam.
Gettin’ ready to fly
COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. (AFPN) Master Sgt. Curtis Chiles (left) conducts egress training for actor Morgan Freeman before his orientation flight in a T-37 Tweet here Aug. 12.
Heat striking deployed warfighters in Iraq
TALLIL AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) An enemy can take many forms, but here, heat is one of the biggest enemies faced by warfighters.
Life support keeps pilots prepared
BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (AFPN) The cockpit of an aircraft is a self-contained environment, protecting the pilots from their surroundings....
WSDOT Aviation Home Page
....Mountain Flying Clinic Sept. 25-26...
Register for CFl Refresher Clinics
Table of Contents
...Keeping a Close Watch at Airports Pays Off (even with the media)...
August 13, 2004 - This week's abortive attempt by NBC News to "expose" general aviation security holes has presented an excellent lesson for all pilots, aircraft owners and local airport users. It also supports EAA's long-time assertion that general aviation does not pose a widespread threat and the vigilance present at most airports, such as the sense of community provided by EAA's local Chapter network, makes a difference ... ...
EAA-Advocated Policy Keeps Warbirds Flying...
Association continues seeking broader privileges for operators of surplus military-experimental exhibition aircraft
August 13, 2004 - The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is applauding an Federal Aviation Administration policy decision that will allow EAA Warbirds of America members to continue flying for nearly a year before completing a requirement to convert their aircraft-operating credentials. The policy, which FAA plans to release as early as today (Aug. 13) in the form of a Revised Guidance Notice, is a product of discussions between EAA's government-relations staff and FAA officials ... ...
Reminder to Wisconsin Pilots: PGA Runs through Sunday...
August 12, 2004 - As a reminder to pilots operating in Eastern Wisconsin through this weekend, the FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction for the area surrounding the PGA Championship at the Whistling Straits golf course in Haven/Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Flight operations are prohibited within a 3 nm radius, 3,000 foot ceiling over the area. Pilots should check the latest notice to airmen before planning a flight through the Sheboygan area between now and Sunday, August 15. A check of NOTAMs and good flight planning will prevent an accidental flight through this TFR ... ...
EAA Members Respond to 11th-Hour e-Alert Appeal...
August 12, 2004 - An EAA Government Programs e-Alert last week to EAA members in the state of Washington resulted in a tremendous increase in comments on a controversial Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), from 33 to 440 and counting. Deadline for comments is today (August 12) but comments are accepted through Sunday, August 15 ... ...
EAA Ford Tri-Motor Set for 75th Anniversary Tour...
August 12, 2004 - EAA celebrates the 75th anniversary of its prized Ford Tri-Motor passenger airplane, and the 75th anniversary of transcontinental air service, with a tour of selected cities in Missouri and Ohio next month. The tour is scheduled from September 8-26 ... ...
September 1 Deadline Looms For Transitioning Ultralight Pilots...
August 11, 2004 - Pilots transitioning from ultralights to sport pilot certificates can receive credit for required aeronautical knowledge, flight proficiency, and aeronautical experience if they register with an FAA-recognized ultralight registration program (such as EAA) on or before September 1, 2004 ... ...
EAA Continues to Advocate Alternatives for Prospective Sport Pilots Seeking Medical Reinstatement...
August 11, 2004 - In addition to reporting on the many opportunities for participation in aviation made possible by the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft regulations, EAA leads efforts to resolve certain ambiguities in the applicability of the rule's medical certification provisions ... ...
EAA Seeks to Continue Downward Accident Trend...
August 10, 2004 - With most of what are historically the year's two busiest flying months (August and September) ahead of us, EAA wants to re-emphasize to all pilots to pay extra close attention to flight safety and flying safely ...
Toronto Airport Inefficiency Hits Passengers With 25% Hike in Airport Improvement Fee
: Gulfstream raises $3,069 for the Professional Aviation Maintenance Foundation at the Chili Cook Off.  Booth sponsors brought in a total of $6,715....   's 2004 Salary Survey, the salaries of aviation maintenance technicians averaged $2,500 less than last year. This year's overall average salary is $58,400, compared to $60,900 for our 2003 survey. These opinions come from 585 respondents (a slight increase from last year's survey)....
Are you satisfied with the maintenance requirements included in the Final Rule authorizing Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilots?
...Eastbourne alive!
The Eastbourne Airshow starts on 12 August for four days. Pilots flying on the south coast are warned to check Notam because of displays by, among others, the Red Arrows....
Russians win Euro aeros
The Russians have walked away with the medals at the European Aerobatic Championships, held at Kaunas, Lithunia from 22 July to 1 August....
UK 3rd in micro champs
The UK came third in the World Microlight Championships held in Castelo Branco, Portugal. The event was won by the Czech team....
Ban carb heat knobs
Future engines should not be fitted with a manually applied carburettor heat device, says the General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo). ...
1/4... Tiger Club & Pooleys’ Dawn to Dusk...
UK wide ...
7/8... Gliding Competition...
Gransden Lodge, Sandy, Beds. ...
7/8... Gliding Competition...
Nympsfield, Glos. ...
12/8... Airbourne Eastbourne International Airshow...
Eastbourne, East Sussex ...
12/8... Bristol International Balloon Fiesta...
Fsimzone - FS2004 & FS2002 Downloads, Aircraft Panels etc.
We have added a new review of Airnav Live Tracker 3.
Click Here to read it...
Wondering About FS2004 Display Settings?...
on Saturday, August 14 @ 06:02:07 PDT (6 reads)...
When going through the FS forums of this world you will find many discussions about the 'proper' display settings for your FS2004. That it is somewhat of a science combined with persoanl taste will be obvious to most. But the 'science' part is the daunting bit. Microsoft comes to the rescue (well, sort of) with an article explaining the different settings, parameters and their effects. You can read all about it on the dedicated FS2004 Microsoft website here!
Aeroworx B200 Super KingAir on simMarket...
on Saturday, August 14 @ 06:01:33 PDT (1 reads)...
We are happy to report that you now can purchase Aeroworx' Beechcraft Super KingAir B200 from our on-line shop at simMarket too. The Aeroworx B200 is a wonderful rendition of the real-world version, featuring many of the advanced systems that are found in the real aircraft too. The offering comes in 3 paint schemes and contains several model variants allowing the user to fly with 2D or VC 'only' or any combination of these. This is a must-have and can be purchased here at simMarket!
Embraer Posts Higher Quarterly Profit...
on Saturday, August 14 @ 06:00:05 PDT (1 reads)...
Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer on Friday posted a second-quarter net profit of 382.1 million reais (USD$126.5 million), compared with 21.4 million reais (USD$7.1 million) last year, on the back of stronger sales. Embraer delivered 43 of its small and medium-sized jets in the second quarter compared with just 28 aircraft in the year-earlier period. The company had a net profit of 194.6 million reais (USD$64.4 million) in the first quarter of 2004 after delivering 23 planes....
Limbless Woman Sues Air France Over "Torso" Snub...
A wheelchair-bound woman with no limbs has sued Air France for discrimination, alleging she was kept off a flight by a gate agent who told her a "torso cannot possibly fly on its own." Adele Price, 42, a British citizen, sued the airline in Manhattan federal court seeking unspecified damages. Price, who was born without limbs because her mother took the drug thalidomide during pregnancy, said in the suit she is able to manipulate a wheelchair and has traveled by air many times. The suit states that she had bought a ticket in 2000 for travel between Manchester, England and New York. After Price had checked her luggage, she alleged that she was stopped by an Air France agent who told her that "a head, one bottom and a torso cannot possibly fly on its own."
Price said in the suit that Air France let her take another flight to New York but only after she was able to get a companion to go with her. However, Price said she had to pay for the companion's airfare and lodging. She said the airline also made it difficult for her to return from John F. Kennedy Airport to Britain by requiring her to get opinions from four US doctors certifying she was able to fly alone. A spokeswoman for Air France had no immediate comment....
Sim-wings Releases Jerez...
on Friday, August 13 @ 08:29:18 PDT (5 reads)...
Sim-wings has just released jet another Andalusian airport. This time it is Jerez de la Frontiera (Cádiz), situated near the city of Jerez in Spain, famous for its bulls and sherry ! The airport features many interesting details and is based upon an aerial photograph. All buildings are faithfully reproduced. Mainly used for local Spanish traffic, Jerez also hosts many charter flights in the summer season. The title includes both English and German documentation and can be purchased here from SimMarket !
b-52Giant RC B-52
X-Plane Media l.t.f.
Rv8 (v2)
VATSIM-Compatible Airports for Germany/Austria/Switzerland
Yakovlev 50/52/52TW
Hawker Seafury
Skyport Object
Lamborghini Murcielago 7.61 Update
RealScenery Tucson, Arizona
A lighter ocean colour
Plane Crash
...August 13, 2004      00:50...
Cincinnati, Ohio...
Air Tahoma (for DHL)      Flight: 185...
Convair CV-580...
N586P      68...
Memphis - Cincinnati...
The cargo plane, carrying overnight delivery packages, was on approach to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport when the pilot reported engine trouble. Soon after, the plane clipped a grove of pine trees and crashed on a golf course 1 mile south of Runway 36R and broke up. The co-pilot was killed, the pilot survived....
Cincinnati Enquirer...
July 29, 2004      10:30...
Ononge, Papua, New Guinea...
Airlines of PNG...
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter...
Port Moresby - Ononge...
The aircraft departed Port Moresby on a routine cargo flight to Ononge. The approached to Ononge had to be abandoned because of cloud cover. While heading to Yongai airport, located 17 miles east of Ononge, the aircraft collided with trees and crashed in a mountain valley at an elevation of 7,500 feet. Wreckage was found a day later with only one crew member surviving. There were no passengers aboard....
3,747 August 14, 2004
Flights Cancelled for Storm in Caribbean and Florida
United Airlines Machinists Request Trustee to watch over their interests.  A sign of distrust
America West Orders 17 Airbus Planes as the Boeing-Airbus battle continues
Fall Fares May be Even Lower Than Usual as airlines plan for fewer passengers
Thurs day
Anti-Static Shoes Trigger Rome Security Alert when El Al staff saw wires in x-rays.  All is well
TSA's Ridge Says name Checking is Priority - The consolidated list will be checked by government...
But Identification Program is Struggling from a series of legal challenges
7000 Wet, Misplaced Bags Returned to US Customers - Many cancelled flights, then rain got them
Plenty of EU Passengers but Low Profits because of high fuel prices & cutthroat competition
Wednes day
Biometrics to be Used in Boston for frequent fliers.  It's voluntary but it's also here.  Now.
TSA Moving Quickly to Consolidate No-Fly Lists - If a name rings a bell, it's "Come with us, please"...
ACLU Fights Consolidation - They say it catches too many innocent people
Passenger's Cat Gets Out of Cage, Attacks Copilot plane declared emergency & landed in Brussels
Italian Government Accused of Helping Alitalia by demanding that competitors drop prices
Tues day
US Airways Offers Employee Profit Sharing Plan - Says it's among best in the industry
Delta & Pilots Continue to Struggle - A well written perspective from the Motley Fool
BA & Virgin to up Fuel Surcharge to accommodate increased oil costs
Canada Helps Bombardier Sale to Delta as part of trade war with Brazil & Embraer
Vintage Microphone Causes DFW Terminal Evacuation - All is well, no problems
Airfares "In the Tank" as competition drives prices lower & lower
Italy Orders Competing Airlines to Back Off on Alitalia as Italian airline continues to struggle - Used Aircraft and New Aircraft for Sale by Brokers and Dealers
1961 Cessna 310 for sale
Eclipse Aviation | Articles 2004
...Iraq and Jobs Are Focus in Bush's Southwest Swing
President Bush Visits Eclipse Aviation...
ALPA Portal
..."Lack of Imagination" Cited in Pilot Pension Threats
August 13 -- A statement was issued by Capt. Duane E. Woerth, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), on the heels of reports that United Airlines may terminate its pilots’ pensions.   ...
Gemini Air Cargo ALPA Crewmembers Ratify First Contract
August 10 -- Today, professional pilots and flight engineers of Gemini Air Cargo, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), ratified a 60-month contract that includes improvements in compensation, scheduling, and job security.   ...
United ALPA Statement on Pilot Pension Plans
August 9 -- Captain Mark Bathurst, Chairman of the United Pilots Master Executive Council of the Air Line Pilots Association, released a statement regarding pilot pensions at United.   ...
Gliding Magazine | News
.Two UK Fatalities...
Gliding In Argentina
August 15 2004
Osvaldo Ferraro writes about his country' s great potential. Now under Features.
New Mexico
August 14 2004
With the exchange rate to the advantage of Euro tourists, the USA is a popular choice for pilots wanting to try new sites and conditions. The Albuquerque Soaring Club at Moriarty Airport, New Mexico has long been recognised as a starting point for long distance flying and the conditions this season are exceedingly good. It is  300km to the north of Alamogordo, right in the centre of New Mexico in the Estancia Valley. See the clu'b's It boasts some of the finest year round soaring conditions in the United States, including 15kt thermals to 22 000ft, mountain wave to 34 000ft and orographic lift off the Manzano, Sandia, Ortiz and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges.
The Oshkosh Airshow
August 12 2004
The statistics for the AirVenture Oshkosh 2004, held at Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin from July 27 to August 2, are extraordinary. It’s calculated that around 10 000 to 15 000 aircraft from all over the world visited and during the Fly-in week Wittman Field FAA Control Tower became the busiest in the world.[
LS-4 Winglets
August 11 2004
The LS-4, which first flew in 1980 and took the first six Standard Class places in the 1983 World Championships, may now fly with winglets.[
Mountain Convergences
If you are planning to try mountain flying you'll find this article by Gavin Wills of value.
Goleta Air and Space Museum, Home Page
Hawthorne Air Faire arrivals, Friday, August 13
2004 Hawthorne Air Faire Arrival Day A variety of vintage airplanes arrived at Hawthorne Municipal Airport on Friday the thirteenth for the that was held on Saturday, August 14.
if you would like to be placed on a mailing list of aviation enthusiasts to be notified whenever the aviation pages here are updated,


Can you tell me what color the St. Louis Cardinal was painted? Some good folks out in the wilds of California are restoring one, and they'd like to know, and so would I. If you will color copy a color picture and send it to the address below via conventional mail, I will be happy to reimburse your costs, and I will forward it to the talented restorers and keep a copy for AeroKnow.  Our address is at the bottom of this page....
August 12 -- Recent photographs (a Dutchess and a Shrike) from SPI's First Class Air
August 11 -- indexes of recent Air & Space, Journal AAHS, Scale Aviation Modeller International and Skyways
August 10 -- Revised and separate web pages for listing surplus books magazines model airplanes postcards...
August 15 - 1935 -- Humorist Will Rogers, who never met a man he didn't like and
         friend/pilot Wiley Post, who never met a plane he couldn't fly well,
        died in the crash of a modified Lockheed Orion fitted with floats attempting
        takeoff from Pt. Barrow, Alaska.
August 16 - 1944  -- The rocket-powered Messerschmitt Me-163, world's only
        rocket-powered aircraft to see widespread service use, made its combat debut,
        flying with JG 400.
August 17 - 1940 -- Pilot Officer William Fiske, a fighter pilot with the RAF, died from
        injuries suffered in combat on August 16, 1940. Fiske was the first US pilot serving
        legitimately in a combat unit to die from combat injuries. He was based at
        RAF Tangmere.
August 18 - 1932 -- The first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, from east to west
was flown by UJ.A. Mollinson in a DeHavilland Puss Moth.
August 19 -  1942 -- The North American Mustang made its first air kill in combat,    
        flown by RAF Pilot Officer Hollis H. Hills of Pasadena, California. The downed
        aircraft was a Focke-Wulf FW-190.
August 20 -  1969 -- The first prototype of the Argentine FMA IA-58 Pucara, a
        twin-turboprop, two seat attack aircraft, destined to earn worldwide infamy
        in the Falklands (Malvinas if you hable espanol), flew for the first time.
August 21 - 1965 -- Gemini 5 was launched, crewed by Charles Conrad and Gordon
Cooper. Before landing August 29, it had established five world records,
        including 129 revolutions around earth.

The Boeing 737 Technical Site
... - Air Guinee 737-200 crash after take-off. All survive.
10 Aug 2004 - Flight controls - 737-8/900 short-field performance enhancement program.
..moller.Upcoming Media Events
Davis, CA—Moller International’s (Pink Sheets: MLER) appearance on NBC’s Today Show has been delayed several times now, but we expect it to occur within the next week or so. For the latest schedule updates, check our web page (
Other media interviews that have been completed but have not yet appeared include: Fortune Magazine (Small Business Issue), National Geographic Kids Magazine and Paris Match Magazine. Up-coming interviews include Popular Science (cover story) and CBS’s 60 Minutes.
Skycar Engine Development
Following the decision to use twin rotor 1060cc Rotapower engines in the Skycar, a continuous test program has been underway to endurance test this engine with ethanol while developing and testing the following support components:
Exhaust and muffling system (compact, light, efficient)
Air intake system (compact enough to fit inside the 11.5” diameter engine fairing)
Coolant pump, starter, ignition, air filter (all required to fit in minimum space of 11.5” diameter by 9” long).
All the above have been developed and are in test except the muffler, which is still in the design phase.
The change of engines required the fabrication of new composite fan blades (opposite rotation). That tooling is complete and the blades are under construction. The previous fan hubs can be utilized.
The beauty of alcohol as a fuel was recently established when a fuel leak shorted the ignition and started a fire in the dyno room. The fire was extinguished with a hand-held fire extinguisher with absolutely no damage to the wiring, plumbing, or fuel system. Alcohol has a high heat of vaporization and therefore burns slowly. Normally it burns almost invisibly which could be a problem but we include a small amount of gasoline to help starting. This makes the fire visible but the alcohol still prevents rapid conversion to vapor, which is what causes a fire to expand rapidly.
Other Skycar Developments
As many of you are aware, Moller International has its own wind tunnel. Thus we are able to carry out immediate performance tests following a decision to modify the airframe design. Previously we had committed to a cockpit arrangement where the front two seats faced forward while the rear seats faced backward. We received a lot of negative comments about this arrangement. As a result it was decided to face all seats forward. To achieve this comfortably the M400 Skycar design was lengthened by over two feet and the cockpit width increased by 3 inches. This resulted in a small projected reduction in top speed, range and miles per gallon of fuel burned, but increased the center of gravity travel limits and the cockpit access and comfort. The M400’s revised performance has been published for some time on our web site. Finally, we received a generic patent on the adjustable exit area-partially rotating nacelles (US Patent Pending–allowed and awaiting issue). In addition we received a design patent on the production version of the M400 (Design Patent No. 29/195,034). For a more thorough discussion of the M400 Skycar see out latest Objectives and Analysis Report available from our web site (Skycar Design Tech Paper, $17.50 + Tax, S&H).
Royal Institute of Navigation : HOME
Pilot crash lands after propellor detaches...
Pilot crash lands after propellor detaches The pilot of a Grob 115E Tutor found himself in difficulties after a short sequence of aerobatic manoeuvres at the end of an uneventful navigation training exercise on 29 June ...
Sqn Ldr Jim Verran dies aged 88...
Sqn Ldr Jim Verran dies aged 88 The WW2 veteran pilot Sqn Ldr Jim Verran has died aged 88. A native New Zealander he joined up after traveling overland to London after the recruiting lists were closed before 'v' ...
BAA issue strong results for July...
BAA issue strong results for July BAA's seven UK airports handled a total of 14.2 million passengers during July 2004, an increase of 8.0% on the same month last year. The long haul sector saw the largest increase with ...
UK pilot killed in US 'wire-strike'...
UK pilot killed in US 'wire-strike' The UK chairman of a Fort Lauderdale helicopter service company and his aide were killed when their 8-seater helicopter apparently struck an electricity cable over Lake Wisconsin on ...
Flying Scholarships for the Disabled - Latest News
...Staples 2 Naples by Ice Cold in Naples

A team of three RIAT members is taking Patsy to Naples to raise money for the Paul Bowen FSD Memorial Scholarship
"Ice Cold in Naples" is the name of the RIAT team (Robert Windsor, David Walton and Richard Arquati) and "Patsy" the name of their car! The race - "Staples 2 Naples" - is only for cars costing less than £100, and starts at the Calais ferry terminal at 1000 (local time) on 1 October. "Patsy" and her drivers permitting, our gallant hereos hope to finish in Naples sometime on Monday 4 October!
To give you some idea of the madness of this task, they are taking a 19 year old VW Passat ("Patsy") across a dozen countries and 1749 miles - but all in a good cause as they hope to raise as much money as they can for the Paul Bowen FSD Memorial Scholarship. So please dig deep into your pockets and wish them bon voyage!
For background details of the race please visit
To donate money to the team for the Paul Bowen FSD Memorial Scholarship you can contact them by:
Telephone 01285 713300 Extn 5444
Facsimile 01285 712911

AirCell News
...AirCell Users Rate Support & Service Good
AirCell support and service are again rated highly by users. Aviation International News (AIN) has released the results of its 2004 Product Support Survey. The votes show that AirCell users are happy with their AirCell products and service. Over seven categories measuring user satisfaction from Excellent to Inadequate, in every category AirCell scored Good.
"Mary" at AirCell "defines customer service," said Chuck Letizia, maintenance director of a management concern in the Northeast that operates three corporate jets. "I've found none better." Read full story or see the AIN survey chart (PDF)
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings
...Aviox Advanced Series (73KB)
Aviation Today - First Choice of Aviation Insiders Worldwide
...Officials Were 'Fully Cognizant' Of the Terrorist Danger
While praising the 9/11 Commission report, the families of the victims pointed to what they believe is a major failing of the inquiry. Responding to the report's publication, the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission raised the question almost universally avoided: ...
Airlines May Have To Install Antimissile Systems Costing Billions
InVision May Face Probe On Potential Illegal Payout
Regional Carriers Expected To Flourish In 2nd Half
Bell Signs Agreements Forming Team For Eagle Eye Tiltrotor UAV...
Airlines Engineers Powerplant Avionics Systems Structures
Welcome to the British Gliding Association
...7th August 2004 British pilot beats German “dream team” to Gold medal
Jet Aviation | 2004 Press Releases
...... Jet Aviation to Open New FBO in Kuwait in 2005...
08/04/04... Kadri Muhiddin Appointed as Jet Aviation’s New Executive President for Strategic Projects for Europe, Middle East and Asia
...British Airways CitiExpress visits Jerez
Flight Training Europe were very pleased to receive the visit of Captain Ian Cheese, British Airways CitiExpress Turbo Prop Fleet Manager on the 11th and 12th of August.
Gulfstream : News and Events
Aug 12, 2004
Gulfstream Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), today received a Type Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its new large-cabin, long-range Gulfstream G450 business-jet aircraft. With this certification, Gulfstream remains on schedule to begin customer deliveries in the second quarter next year....
Carla Wendler, program manager, Federal Aviation Administration, Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office, presents the G450 Type Certificate to Pres Henne, senior vice president, programs, engineering and test, Gulfstream. ...
8/06/2004... General Dynamics Board of Directors Elects Raynor B. Reavis a Vice President of the Corporation.
Search Results
...Conservation at Duxford
The restoration and conservation programme at the Museum is one of the largest operations of its kind in the world....
L-3 Avionics System - News
...L-3 Avionics to Supply Electronic Standby Instrument Systems to Army Apaches
Lancair Columbia 350 and 400 Company News
... Lancair Southwest to Display at Reno Air Race and Show
MedAire Pressroom, providing information on health and security assistance around the world.
...Companies Have Ways to Counter Terrorism Threats The Star-Ledger) 8/8 /04...
Client with Malaria Requires Evacuation out of Africa
(August 14, 2004) Recently MedAire was able to assist a business traveler who was hospitalized in Congo , Africa , with malaria for seven days. When the woman did not respond to treatment, MedAire was asked to evacuate the patient to an area where better medical care could be provided. The GRC arranged for the woman to be transported to Johannesburg , South Africa , and admitted her to an approved medical facility. The woman was treated and discharged and is now back in the United States
MedAire Global Doctor Clinics See 10,000th Patient of 2004
(August 13, 2004) Last week, MedAire’s Global Doctor clinics assisted their 10,000th patient of the year. The clinics, which are on pace to reach the 20,000 patient mark by year’s end, continue to deliver excellent service even as patient volumes increase.
MedAire Expanding Provider Network Helps Divers
(August 12, 2004)  This week, two divers benefited from the MedAire’s evacuation expertise and its continually expanding network of evacuation service providers. One diver, diving off the Galapagos Islands, required an evacuation to Ecuador for decompression therapy. Another diver on Cat Island in the Bahamas required similar decompression treatment.
Although Cat Island is only 50 miles from Miami , the public fixed-wing aircraft company was not willing to complete the evacuation because of its location off the mainland. MedAire sought an alternative provider, evacuated the patient and followed up after the diver was treated in a Florida medical facility.
MedAire has reached an agreement with UK medical kit manufacturer Aeromedic Innovations for Aeromedic to assemble and distribute medical kits to MedAire's European client base.  The strategic alliance enhances MedAire's kit repair and delivery capabilities by providing a strategic European distribution hub. 
MedAire, Inc. has reached an agreement with Hatteras Yachts that will make MedAire’s “First Responder” medical kit a standard feature onboard every new yacht built.
Popham News Page
...... "Wings" Coffee Shop now open under new management
...VSI awarded $75.6M for First Full Rate Production Lot of Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)
Air New Zealand selects Rockwell Collins’ eTES Inflight Entertainment System
United States Air Force and Rockwell Collins sign logistics support agreement ...
WAEA 25th Annual Conference & Exhibition
Roke Manor Research Limited: Technology Solutions for Communications and Electronic Sensors
...Pocket DAB We launched the world’s first hand-held DAB receiver, the Pocket DAB , measuring just 50mm x 76mm x 24mm....
Network Security - Network security solutions for the growing number of threats and diversity of network attacks. (930 KB)
Reno Air Racing Association - 2004 Event Overview
...In September 2004, the National Championship Air Races and Air Show will return for its 41st year with six classes of racing aircraft and a first-class airshow including some of the world's top aerobatic performers and military aircraft, and plus static aircraft displays, merchandise, food and drink, and a closing awards banquet.
This year's air show features the first competition in the United States. Some of the world's top aerobatic pilots, most of whom are appearing at Reno for the first time, will race against the clock each day, with the 2004 Championship Race bing held on Sunday.
Also appearing will be both the US Air Force Heritage Flight and the US Navy Legacy Flight. Each of these events teams up current and vintage top-of-the-line military fighter aircraft.
The air show also includes perennial favorites from the aerobatic world, including Greg Poe , and Mike Goulian , plus Scott Hammack and the "Above and Beyond" Jet Car .
Reno Air Racing Association - National Championship Air Races and Air Show 2004
...13 August 2004: Participating Race Pilots and Aircraft. Lists of pilots and aircraft registered to race in each class are available from the page. Please note that registration does not guarantee that the pilot or aircraft will arrive, qualify, or race.
12 August 2004: Reserved auto parking SOLD OUT. There will be plenty of free non-reserved auto parking with shuttle service from the non-reserved lots to the front gate.
RARA Girl 10 August 2004: Introducing "RARA Girl". A whole new look, and a whole new line! Visitors to the National Championship Air Races and Air Show should stop by any of the official RARA merchandise locations to check out the great new clothing selections, including skinny tees for women and juniors, tees for little girls, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweatshorts and camisoles. Supplies are limited and the line is not currently available in the on-line store, so make your selections early!
Apollo Astronaut Cernan to speak at Reno Air Racing Foundation fundraising dinner:
The Reno Air Racing Foundation is proud to present Astronaut Gene Cernan at its first annual Fundraising Dinner, to be held in conjunction with the National Championship Air Races and Air Show on Saturday 18 September 2004 at the Reno Hilton Hotel.
During his distinguished career with NASA, Captain Cernan was the second American to walk in space, making two orbits of the earth in a little more than 2-1/2 hours. He has logged 566 hours and 15 minutes in space, including more than 73 hours on the surface of the moon. He is one of three men to have flown to the moon twice, and as commander of the final Apollo mission to the moon, has the distinction of being the last human to have left his footprints on its surface.
Bellanca, Citabria, Bellanca-Champion Club Official Site
beYellow Jacket High Wing
Back from AirVenture Oshkosh
Mostly good weather without the infamous Midwest humidity, just a little rain and lots of airplanes.
Craig Smith of Alexandria Aircraft LLC posing in front of their NEW Super Viking, which was on display all week to an admiring crowd. Few non-Bellanca owners wanted to believe that the wing was not composite!   Yup, that's an IO-550 you're looking at - you can buy this plane by the end of the year.
Andrew Vano of Alexandria Aircraft LLC
Second Line of Aircraft
Cruisair 14-13-2
Triple-Tail 260 with Connie at Oshkosh
7EC Champ on EDO Floats
Super Decathlon
Alexandria Aircraft LLC
Bellanca Cruisair Jr. 1939
Aeronca 7AC
Fly Market
for over 16 years, these classifieds help our members sell and find their planes and parts. [Updated August 9, 2004]
Bellanca C-27
Citabria Pro Aeronca Champ & Chief
Columbia, CA...
Cruisemaster 14-19-2
Citabria 7ECA
Cruisemaster 260C & Viking 300
Scout 8GCBC
AviaBellanca Skyrocket III
Aeronca Champ 7AC
Aeronca Aviators Club Official Site
...We are back from AirVenture Oshkosh 2004!
Mostly good weather without the infamous Midwest humidity, just a little rain and lots of airplanes.
Click here for more
Ray Johnson and his award-winning Chief on the way to Oshkosh
U.S. Department of Defense Official Website
...DJIBOUTI EXERCISE – Soldiers rush into position to secure the perimeter during an exercise in Djibouti, Aug. 12, 2004.  The soldiers are assigned to the Guam Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 294th Infantry Regiment, deployed in support of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa. Defense Dept. photo   ...
Rumsfeld Thanks Azerbaijan for Support...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2004 – Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld thanked Azerbaijan for "important support in the global war on terrorism" during an Aug. 13 press conference in Baku, the capital city. Rumsfeld also pointed out that Azeri troops are currently deployed in both Afghanistan and Iraq and working closely with coalition forces there. ...
Bush Asks Nation to Support Troops...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2004 – President Bush asked Americans watching this year's Olympic Games at home to "think about the many Americans deployed overseas to defend our nation. In Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond, our men and women in uniform are serving with great skill and compassion," he said during his weekly radio address today. ...
Tribunals Under Way at Guantanamo...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 13, 2004 – Cases have been opened for about 150 detainees to appear before status-review tribunals at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. All detainees will have an opportunity to go before one of the three tribunals to contest their status as enemy combatants. ...
Troops Isolate al-Sadr's Militia, Restore Order...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 13, 2004 – The multinational force in Iraq cannot confirm reports that radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr had been wounded during a week of intense fighting in Najaf, a spokesman said today. More DoD News...
Military Athletes Have
Proud Olympic History...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 13, 2004 – As 21 servicemembers report to Athens to participate in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, they carry on a proud tradition. While few records of the Army's participation in Olympic games exist from before 1948, there is a record of a 2nd Lt. George S. Patton participating in the modern pentathlon in the 1912 games. He placed fifth. ...
Marine 'Bats' Take
Flight to Combat Terror ...
MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif., Aug. 13, 2004 — Those on Iraqi soil may now be seeing two black wings flying near the speed of sound, as the Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 242 deploys to Iraq. ...
'Units of Action' Get
New Modular Barracks...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 12, 2004 – When the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, Ga., began organizing a fourth brigade-sized “unit of action,” the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rushed to build facilities for the new unit. The site will include laundry facilities, battalion headquarters, company operations, arms vaults, and vehicle maintenance facilities. ...
Olympian's Shooting
Gets Better With Age ...
Face of Defense - U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Libby Callahan WASHINGTON, Aug. 13, 2004 – At age 52, Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Elizabeth "Libby" Callahan is the oldest member of Team USA competing in the Olympics. She said her shooting has flourished since she retired from the Washington, D.C., police department. ...
Best Aviation Sites
Pilot Weather Briefing
FREE weather information for pilots, including turbulence, upper winds, thunderstorms, metars, tafs and more! ...
Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial... 41 ...
Official website for the Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial at RAF Manston in Kent, UK ...
Devon-Aviation... 31 ...
Devon aviation brings you into the world of military aircraft.Here you will find pictures and links to other aviation websites. ...
Sven's Military Aviation Encyclopedia... 64 ...
Bilingual(Dutch/English) site with over 800 military aircraft from 1911 until now, each with technical data, history and line drawing ...
Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image Archive
...Dominguez 1910
Klassen Monoplane Dominguez 1910
Morane-Saulnier BB
AIRLINERS.NET - The World Of Commercial Aviation At Your Fingertips
First Choice Airways New 767 Interior Design...
CO To Create Pacific Rim And Atlantic Routes?...
What Is This 'thingy' On The A340...
Can We Sleep At LHR?...
Tornado Near Victorville...
UA To Drop Mesa....
Can Aircraft Doors Be In Open In The Air....
Airline threatens suit over airport decision
The Lost Squadron Museum - Official site of Glacier Girl, the World War II P-38 rescued from the Greenland Ice Cap
...   Welcome to the official home page of the Lost Squadron Museum and Glacier Girl, the World War II P-38 recovered from under 268 feet of ice from the Greenland ice-cap and restored to flying condition. Some of our site sections link back to old content, but everything is up and running. Feel free to browse our site. You will find the most current information in the Gazette, our online newsletter....
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