Every dog has his day .......

We had an Exec on the (cutter name withheld) That was a real jerk. Most of us looked for ways to "get" him.

He had a habit of standing on the overboard discharge pipe to direct boats tying up. One day we didn't flush the toilets all day..... We waited. He was standing on the pipe as I watched through the porthole. Three men were ready, with their hands on the flush levers. At just the right moment I said, "One, Two, Three ..... Flush." Three hands worked three levers on three toilets.

The results flew out through the discharge line and the Exec got it right in the neck. Boy was he MAD!!!!

He went to the Captain raising hell. The Captain told him anyone dumb enough to stand there was sure looking for what he got.

I sweated blood about that for a year and I have been laughing ever since.


From - "This *?#!*@*? Was The Coast Guard" ©1985 Esther Stormer - Reprinted by Permission.


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