By Alan J. Neal


Mosquito’s were a problem on Anguar after all the heavy monsoon rains. They were small but loved the white skin Coasties.

  Our HMC Moore asked the enginemen if we could come up with some kind of fogger to spray the weeds around the base. Joe”Dusty” Rhodes and I got to thinking we could make a fogging machine out of one of our Dodge Power Wagons by injecting diesel oil in the carburetor and making a noxious smoke and by driving through the weeds we could at least give the little pests a bad time.

  We took an empty 5 gal. can and brazed a ¼  inch shut out valve on the side near the bottom and attached a length of copper tubing. We filled the can with diesel oil.

  The Dodge Power Wagons had a flat front fender and the hood was hinged in the middle and opened up on each side. We could sit on the left front fender with the 5 gal. can and feed small amounts of diesel oil in the carburetor after removing the air cleaner.

  The driver had to run in 1st gear of the 4-speed transmission to keep the engine revved up to keep it from stalling. It worked perfectly and put out a big white cloud of noxious smoke as the person riding on the fender metered the fuel in and hopefully killed the mosquitoes.

 The mosquitoes seemed to come out just before dark and attack. We decided to fog the base just before dark at about 1830 hours . Rhodes said he would tell everyone to close their windows or their rooms would be filled with smoke as we fogged weed along side of the road behind the crew quarters. At 18:30, we were all set to start fogging. Rhodes was driving and I was sitting on the fender feeding the diesel oil in the carburetor, it worked great and was putting out a huge cloud of smoke and the heavy white smoke seemed to hang in the weeds and kill the mosquitoes.

  As we were coming to Chief “S” room I noticed the window was open, Rhodes said he must have “forgot’ to tell the base bigot to close his window. Rhodes stopped by the open window and revved the Dodge flat-head 6-cylinder engine up as far as it would go, it was just screaming and the smoke was pouring out the exhaust and going right in the open window. Chief ”S” must have been somewhere else on the base as the window was never closed as we filled the room up with smoke. Rhodes said, “ I bet we got all the mosquitoes in that room.” 

 We went all around the base fogging all the weeds we could find and I think we got rid of a lot of mosquitoes as there was smoke hanging around all over the base.

  Our bigoted Chief “S” never said anything about his smoky room but we guessed he never had a mosquito problem in his room, at least that night.


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