By Floyd Stormer

In 1966, a lady who lived close to the Alexandria Bay Coast Guard Station in New York, wrote the station commander expressing her disgust at being awakened by the noise of the Coast Guard boats leaving the station at night. The UNOFFICIAL reply to her was ...

"These boats are noisy we agree,

And spoil the sleep of you and me.

But a brief conversation with our crew,

Shows they enjoy their night runs less than you.

While you lose a few moments rest,

They give up half the night at best.

Our days of sail are gone for good,

Along with building boats of wood.

So "mufflers" will become our great concern

Though we may have to tow them astern,

We'll get them in, we know not where,

For there certainly is no room to spare.

And these ships that slide so silently by

Are "suspect" and under our watchful eye.

Lest with a bang far loader than our boats roar,

They send you to dreamland forevermore.

So when you're wakened by our starting gun,

Count your blessings one by one.

Then you can relax and sleep quite peacefully,

Knowing the Coast Guard's "watching o'er the sea..."




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