RESTORATION LOG -10                                08 April 2001    

1.        We have repainted the Glacier's ASB in Bright Coast Guard Red. Affixed to each side of the Pilot house is our
Glacier Society Logos. We have fitted some new gear and more is on the way. Soon she will set sail for New York visiting USCG bases along the way. When she arrives in New York she will participate in Fleet Week.

2.        The USCG Engineering Center near Curtis Bay has provided us with all the ships drawings up dated to the date of the ships decommissioning. It is impossible to calculate the value of having these documents.  WELL-DONE USCG!  These documents are on CDs in image files. We are preparing drawing packages in binders for use in the Log Room. When required we are printing out C or D size drawings to reveal all the required details. If further design work is required we are prepared to enter the drawings in to AutoCAD 14 so that we can manipulate the designs and perform new creative engineering design and calculations. We are seeking experienced CAD personnel to assist in this process either at our offices in Stratford or from your home or office. Please step up if you have experience and would like to participate in this exercise.

3.        We recently completed a two-week repair party on Glacier in Benecia. Our electrical team used the drawings to trace out and verify each component prior to energizing the circuits. The team was composed of prior crewmembers that are degreed and licensed power plant operating personnel. They powered the anchor windlass successfully! A very important milestone. We are in the process of certifying every branch circuit and verifying each component prior to installing our new generators.

4.        Most of the fire fighting materials has been collected from MARAD. We are short only the hose and this will have to be acquired in new or almost new condition.

5.        Significant bedding supplies have been accumulated so that we can begin berthing when as we leave MARAD.

6.      Galley materials are also being returned to the ship, although there is a considerable amount of work in this area still to be
          performed prior to considering cooking on board.

7.      We have delivered new portable blowers to the ship so we can begin to ventilate below decks and in voids prior to inner hull
          inspection. We are planning an outer hull thickness inspection by robot this summer.

8.      The next priorities are to clean and refurbish the ventilation fans and begin servicing the steering gear and engine room space.

Ben Koether
Glacier Society