Dedicated toThe Men Who Dare

By Daniel Moore Kershner



Out to the sea, through the storms, and the night,

Where breakers roll high, and fog dims the sight.

Through dangerous reefs, to the offing below;

Where danger, is calling, The Coast Guard will go.


Out there where the fearfulsome waiting in prayer,

On an in-coming ship; or an out-going there.

Where the shroud of the deep, like the shadowy pall;

Is calling…is calling, where silence is all.


Yet a listening ear, wait the call from the deep,

The Coast Guard covenant, that promise, they keep.

Waiting, and watching, these men do, and dare;

Where Charon, the boatman, is waiting, out there.


These men, they are mortal: of loves, and of fears,

Though sometimes forgotten, in greed of the years.

Yet still they are watching, and guarding the sea;

While making life safer, for you, and for me.


No night ever dark, neither reckoning dawn,

When we should forget: these men, who fight on.

May the Nation we love, place this, on a scroll;

God bless the Coast Guard: these men, with a soul.



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