Author Unknown

From Cyanthology - 1943


Yeah, O.K.! I'm gettin' up, don't break my knee;

    Always wantin' a guy to get up before he even can see.

Now where's my other shoe? HEY WHERE's __ __ __

    Uh, I see it. Who the blazes kicked it over there?

OUCH! Why'd the build the bunks so low?

    Well, I'll borrow this guys boots and I am ready to go.

I'll amble back to the galley before I go up,

    Though it's probably locked up and I'll never find a cup.

Oh to hell with it, I'm almost late.

    I wouldn't even have to get up if I had a rate.

Whatta Ya mean -- Well what am I up for?

    I am goin' on watch and once more _ _

It's what time? And I'm out of my sack?

    Why I'll murder ya, I'll break your back.

And only because you wanted a light?

    You break me out at this time of night.

Out-a-my-way, I'm hitting my pad,

    And if you never get a light -- That's too damn bad!


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