By Scott Hemphill 

When the women came aboard ship life changed, not always to the better.

I started my tour on board the Cutter Jarvis, otherwise known as "The J" to an all male crew in April of '82.  Rumors had it women would soon be coming onboard, and the crew was not too happy about it. 

Time came and went, the women came onboard, kicked us out of our nasty starboard 10 man berthing area that pumped grey water out in the head and berthing area when it was rough.
We were glad to go to the 30 man berthing area ....... they didn't stink as much. 

The DC's told the women not to flush their "women products" down the toilet's cuz it'd clog 'em. 

They didn't listen, the crappers became clogged and guess who was down in the sh-- tanks haulin' buckets of crap out? 

The glorious duty section, and they were not happy about it either, 'specially since it was all guys doing the haulin' and dumpin'! 

This happened a few more times 'til the time came when it happened again. 

This time though, instead of the guys haulin' and dumpin', it was the gals, all of 'em!  I still laugh when I think back to this and can still see them with their nice yellow rubber dish gloves and gas masks on doing none other than ~ haulin' & dumpin'!! 

It never happened again!

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