Hell And High Water

By Bob Novak



That's Aussie for an ice cream parlor.  But first we turned into a nearby cafe, where we consumed large portions of "styke n' eiggs" for only 80 cents American.  Then we just waddled into a milk store where we enjoyed fountain glasses of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

That evening, we went to the Town Hall, the most popular ballroom in Brisbane.  We danced the evening away with a bevy of beautiful girls of English, Scot, Irish or Welsh extraction.  Their dialects were different.  British twang, American slang and Aborigine gibberish made for some interesting conversation.  We learned from our gorgeous dance partners that a 'tram" was a streetcar, a "lift" was an elevator, a "torch" was a flashlight, and a "Sheila" was your girl friend. Our Sheilas invited us to patriotic parties, or to their homes, where their parents would ply us with great Australian culinary delights, wine and other spirits.

Just THINK, only a week ago, we were suffered a hell on high water and now we were enjoying a sailor's heaven on Earth!  Life, in wartime, was really strange!


Bob Novak was an SM3/c USCGR


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