By Jack A. Eckert

You have to expect that someone from Wisconsin with a website will try to concoct a tale involving both the Coast Guard and the Green Bay Packers to impress his readers.

One fall when both the Cutter’s Coos Bay and Cook Inlet were in Curtis Bay, one of the Yard Birds who worked at the Baltimore Memorial Stadium offered to sneak us in to see a professional football game if we came around to a certain gate just before the game was about to start. I was the Chief Engineer of the “Cookie Cutter.” I told Arnie Cousins who was the Chief Engineer on the Coos Bay about it and he said he would like to go. Arnie wanted to wear his dress blue uniform and I went along with the idea for whatever reason.

It was a beautiful fall day with nary a cloud in the sky, just cool enough to be perfect football weather. The Colts were playing the Packers (I am an extreme die hard Packer fan as are most Wisconsinites.)

To shorten the story we met the Yard Bird at the designated gate. He escorted us into the stadium even though the game was a sell out, telling us to lose ourselves in the crowd until he could get back to us to get us into the press box. We wandered around the stadium and a number of security people seemed to sense that we didn't belong. We couldn’t find a seat and stuck out like sore thumbs in our dress uniforms. There was nowhere to hide, so we just kept moving, hoping for a place to sit down so we wouldn’t be so conspicuous. About the time the security began to close in on us our Yard Bird friend caught up and hustled us into the press box. This was after the second half began. We were so busy evading security we hadn’t seen much of the game up until that time. We watched the Pack beat the Colts and it was a joy to see Hornung and Taylor, et.al. in the flesh. The Pack won and I was elated as we left the stadium, our hide and seek adventure over.

We retired to “Ernell’s” where we imbibed in a few, quite a few.

Lesson learned:  If you are going to sneak into a sold out stadium, don't wear your dress uniform. It stands you out from the crowd.


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