The Hooligans Navy Takes Care Of Its Own

By Mike Spillman

Bon Dia Amiga:

My brother and I were Army brats who had to fend for ourselves most of the time and oft times went astray. (Aft Gang Agly... B.Burns.)

He Joined the Coast Guard and I the Marines.

He married an Italian girl from the northern seaside shore of Boston; bought a rickety old three story house on the ocean and spent about ten years making it livable.
She was a good Catholic and they had nine children.  After she had the children  she ran off with a bar tender from the local "Slop Chute" and left my brother to rear the them.
Bobby always loved the ocean and built a special room on the top floor facing the sea so that he could be there and enjoy the view.  He always went to the harbor to visit any Coast Guard vessel in port and kept his contacts.
When he passed away in his sleep on Christmas morning 1999, his daughters had him cremated and gave his ashes to his shipmates in the Coast Guard to be spread in the North Atlantic Ocean as per his wishes. 

The Hooligan's Navy takes care of it's own.


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