By Don Fulcher


I feel compelled to pass along this yarn that was told to me by my dad. (He was an old surfman back in the 20's, 30's, and 40's, retiring from the Coast Guard in l947.) It seems that way back then, one of the lifeboat stations had a horse which the men used to ride on beach patrols, punching in on the "Watch Clock" at periodic posts..

One nice evening, just about dusk, one of the Coasties rode the horse down the beach on patrol, and came past a parking area where a Navy guy was parked with his girlfriend. The Navy guy , trying to impress his girlfriend, hollered to the coastie, "HEY Sailor, that's a pretty trim looking craft you have there! How many knots does she make??"

The Coastie reached back, lifted the horses tail up, and bellowed back in a commanding voice," Why don't you stick your head in the porthole here, and ask the engineer!"



Don Fulcher is a retired Coast Guardsman that came from a Coast Guard family.


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