By RMCS Ralph H Davis, Jr. [Crossed the Bar]



This has to bring back memories..........

Working his way aft on port side main deck,
The Bos'n of the watch does his round,
Making sure the vessel is safe and secure,
Watertight doors closed and hatches battened down.
A ready boat is out and to the strongback rigged,
With Kapok lifejackets lashed to the thwarts.
On deck, foam and water rush past,
As the night cook opens the galley ports.
The released aroma of fresh-baked bread,
That lays cooling on their racks,
Drifts on the wind throughout the ship,
Bring the watch begging from their tasks.
Now steak is great, and lobster as well,
Even stew and rice are fine,
But nothing can beat fresh hot bread,
With melted butter on which to dine



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