By Jack A. Eckert

This story was researched to prove it's authenticity. This really happened……..

The Iroquois was a 255 WPG operating out of Honolulu in 1946. The HASP was the Hawaiian Armed Services Police located across the street from the mooring. It seems that members of the crew were ashore one night and got into it with the HASP who were not a gentle breed. When members of the crew returned aboard from liberty rather than hold reveille as some might have been inclined to do, keys were procured for the magazine, the 5"-38 gun was energized, a gunners mate rammed a shell and powder into the breach as the mount was aimed at the HASP building. This joyful event broken up before the shell was fired using local control. The ship sailed shortly thereafter and the guilty parties supposedly went unpunished.

It has been said by witnesses that the gunners mate fully intended to blow the HASP off the face of the earth. There were others who said that "Guns" should have been given a medal.


Note: My only encounter with the Iroquois was after her back was broken and she was towed to the Yard at Curtis Bay and decommissioned. I was an Assistant Engineer Officer on the Escanaba undergoing overhaul at the time. The Yard had managed to lose our boiler burners, both of them. After a struggle and after plowing through a Gordian's Knot of red tape, the Iroquois' burners were removed and installed on the Escanaba and she went to her grave with them.


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