Way back in 1969 I was the visionary who formulated .......


By Jack


While stationed at Headquarters in the late 1960's after the move from 13th and E Streets, I saw desks moved into offices, grow bodies and the bodies went to work; and nobody quite knew what these bodies were doing. I then learned that for each new billet established at Headquarters, a billet was lost from the operational forces. This was termed offsetting resources.

This epitome of "gradualism" concerned me at the time and I formulated "Jack's Law" which stated simply that "As the staffs grew larger and the operational forces grew smaller, eventually there would be just three offices, Headquarters of course; an Eastern Area Office and a Western Area Office -- and all they would do was write letters to each other."

This photograph I received from the MCPOCG, Vince Patton via Uncle Lar proves my point.

"Jack's Law" has almost been proven -- I rest my case!


Photo Courtesy of MCPOCG Vince Patton


I couldn't resist this little anecdote when I saw the photo - Jack

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