Kickapoo Commanding Officers

by Robert L Smith


The Kickapoo went from a sub-Ensign to an Ensign and a half

The KICKAPOO was normally commanded by a Chief Warrant. There had been a string of them, mostly Swedes or Norwegians who had earned captains ratings as fishermen and knew their stuff. One of the joys of the KICKAPOO was that we carried hand lines and frequently stopped to get a few fresh fish for chow. You can’t do that on a submarine or a flat top!

The last CWO was retiring, being replaced by a one-and-a-half striper, who reminded us that the grass isn’t always better on the other side . . . just greener.

Anyway, we planned a big shindig for the retiring CO. Coast Guard Regulations prevented us from giving presents to him, but we gave his wife several, including a box of expensive cigars.


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