The Pilots Psalm 

(The Lighthouse Keepers Prayer)

By Captain J.H. Roberts (1874)
Submitted by Doug Bingham

Here's an interesting slant on the 23rd Psalm, sort of a Coastie prayer,- Doug

The Lord is my pilot, I shall not drift
He lighteth me across the dark waters; 

He steereth me in the   deep channels.
He keepeth my log.
He guideth me by the star of holiness for his namesake.

Yea though I sail mid the thunders and tempests of life,
I shall dread not danger, for thou art near me .
Thy love and care, they shelter me.
Thou preparest a harbor before me in the homeland of eternity.
Thou anointest the waves with oil, my ship rideth calmly .

Surely sunlight and starlight shall favor me on the voyage I take,
And I will rest in the port of my God forever.

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