By Seamond


A lightship man has died. I was thinking about a man who has put all his life and soul into these little boats - what it would be like in his heaven?  

. . . "When I put out to sea."  These words will be said over yet another seafaring man. And I sit here and think about this. I wonder what a lightship man's heaven is like. Instead of clouds all around, of course, there has to be ocean and a bright red ship for him to see or be on. There must be things to paint and things to fix and time to fish and wait and see what will be on the end of the line. I would think there is a place to read and write and contemplate - as there had been on earth. Do you suppose he will tell sea tales with the other lightship men already there - stories of great waves, of near (and real) disasters, of men of his acquaintance over the years, stories of waiting on the tender or the Relief, or especially that
of leave of going home. I bet he will. And I am sure his other shipmates will be there to greet him home - "Hey, there's Bill. Where you been, Bill?  Come on over here and let's have a gab. Lookee here - the cook and the captain are here, too!"  I bet his heaven will contain that little special spot like where he did his hobbies, too, like carving decoys, knitting lobster pot funnels, making twine mats or sailor's valentines - stuff like that. Sure enough, there should be an accordion or fiddle too - music at sea is a wonderful sound all its own.

Oh, yes!  A lightship man in heaven should have all his comforts of the lightship and all the wonderful memories that are so unique to only him and his shipmates. He should be rewarded with an eternal sea breeze that is fresh, but not threatening, as the storms he has gone through, both on the lightship and in life, are now over. His lightship heaven will be a haven
now and a safe one for him eternally.

Yes, I am sure that the Lord Almighty finds a special place for a lightshipman as He who made the oceans knows that this brand of men were very special ones and that they deserve a special place when they cross that bar.

And now, lightship heaven has gathered another  man to his heavenly home. May his family and friends be comforted to know that this lightship man is in the safest haven of all and with our Maker, the one who calms the seas when we cross the bar.

With loving remembrance of all lightship men -

Seamond Ponsart Roberts

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