These few lines were written by Mr.Robbins in memory of the crew of the Vineyard Sound Lightship that went down during a hurricane with the loss of all hands. He remembers it well because his ship the Relief Lightship #110 had just come off relief duty a few days before.


Guy G. Robbins


There is a light upon the sea,

That flashes bright,

Its searching beam is a welcome gleam,

For mariners in the night.

This stout light vessel rides the swells,

And stands the angry fury,

A faithful guide to ships that pass,

And beacon to the weary.

Her chains and anchors hold her fast,

A guard upon our shoals,

Through rain and fog, sleet and snow,

Her bell will faithfully toll.

The men who serve this lonely watch,

Fear not the tempest rage,

But give their lives beyond the call,

That others might be saved.

Brave men and ships have passed this way,

Homeward and seaward bound,

But all have praised these lightship men,

As they passed her on the sound.

So bless all those who nightly serve,

To keep our landfall bright,

They hold their faithful lamps up high,

And overcome the night.



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