Mac The Dog 


By Steve Paddack




This is my favorite story from my years on the CGC MACKINAW


In 1953 - 54 we had a mascot aboard. It was a dog that had been picked up as a puppy off an ice floe. He was, of course named "Mac." When a new crewman reported aboard the dog would stay close to him (no hers back then) and he would sleep under the new crewman's rack. Mac then treated that person like the rest of the crew. Mac recognized that people in Coast Guard uniform were OK even if they were coming aboard for the first time.


During my tour of duty aboard the Mackinaw we got a new Executive Officer. He arrived the weekend before his assignment date and decided to visit the Mackinaw in civilian clothes. He came alone. As soon as he arrived at the top of the gangway our faithful Mac attacked this stranger and actually bit him on the buttocks. Well, needless to say, after that no matter what uniform the Exec put on Mac would have none of it. As far as Mac was concerned that person was an intruder. Whenever the crew would muster on the quarterdeck and the Exec was present the dog had to be restrained. It became a matter of great amusement for the crew and an embarrassment for the Exec and some of the other officers.


As it turned out Mac and the Exec simply could not be crewmates on the same vessel and Mac was given to one of the crewmembers that lived in nearby Cheboygan. The crew was quite upset about this because we considered Mac ours. In the end it all came to a happy conclusion when we were allowed to get another mascot. It was another dog that we named Maggie and she was trained not to eat executive officers.



Steve Paddock, Unknown Crewman and Maggie the Puppy



We all loved Maggie. 



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