By Robert Gaut

There are more than a million reasons
we'll sleep comfortably tonight.
May we dream of all the heroes
who preserved our country's might.

There are, and were many heroes
who served in freedom's cause.
For this, America The Beautiful,
we stand, pray, and pause.

We know our flags are waving
over many a silent grave.
We wipe a tear for knowing
the truth of what they gave.

Men and women in uniform service
deserve utmost respect.
They are vigilantly pursuing
freedom's enemies they detect.

They do not serve for glory
though they are among the best.
Thanks to all who protect us
on each determined quest.

We pay tribute to those fallen
giving a final measure of care.
Today our banners are waving
like a sacrament  in air.

Bob Gaut / 5-27/02

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