The Mighty 'E'astwind

by W. D. Bonner


Here I stand at the end of the old pier,

looking at the waters so deep and clear.

In my mind I see the trials of the years,

and I recall all of those so dear,

the calls to duty in two foreign wars.


All those buddies downing that last beer,

then the roll and pitch of the mighty ship,

the ship they called "The Mighty 'E'astwind",

her two twin five inch cannons fore and aft,

never failed in their duty the battle to win.


Now that great lady of the Seven Seas,

has plowed her last voyage in a breeze,

and her guns are gone, their turrets too.

Six generators, engines and motors ceased,

it is so hard to see her cold and bare!


Here she stands by me, tied to the pier,

we are both old, rusty, and too proud

to shed a single tear,

or complain of life's hard clout

as we both approach life's final bout.


For her majestic features and fine steel,

are now headed for the Gillette razor factory.

And she will again be as sharp steel,

cutting the beards as she did the polar ice,

neat and clean with each slice.


In polar ice fields, she served her purpose well,

At battle she always reigned supreme.

Honing the reason for all life, to be honest and true,

I pray this account of "The Mighty 'E'astwind"

will live on forever in our dreams.


Semper Paratus



An Eastwind Reunion is planned for May 2004 in Laughlin, Nevada. Contact Warren Bonner for further details.


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