Coast Guard Rules For A Gunfight

By Robert Dittman


Watch the Air Force lobby congress and pickup their girl friends, because after all, we look good and do exciting jobs. the Air Force  just take care of their Airedales.


Watch the Marines get ready to have a gun fight then show them how to shoot because we often have to shoot our weapons many more times then a marine will just doing our everyday jobs.
Watch the Army complain when they can't do the job after all. a Coastie SA has more responsibility then most mid level soldiers. Fact is our non-rates have more authority then any other branch of the service
Watch the Navy wish they were Coast Guard.  Hey, think about it!!


Do the job as we will always be the ones who do so much with so little for so long for we really can win a gun fight with a book of matches and one really ticked off Coastie.


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