These Links were borrowed from Fred's Place

Fred Siegel, USCG (retired), Home Page. Includes a place to register for ALL Coasties who want to stay in touch. Note that Fred has done an excellent job of expanding this informal but VERY valuable link to keep Coasties connected.

Coastie Links - A very large page of links to Fred's Place crewmewmbers that have developed their own webpages.

Our House - Fred's Place Sister Site. Where I left off, Monica and Terri continue. Our House is dedicated to the spouses of our family.

Coast Guard - The Series Coast Guard Crews On The Go! Coast Guard is an action-adventure reality series based on the activities of the U.S. Coast Guard, and is produced by Tam Communications. Completing its second season, the weekly series airs on over 110 television stations nationwide.

Jerry's Photo Lab - Jerry Lentz has a large collection of ship and shore unit graphics in an area he calls the Photo Lab.

The Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl Home based in Mobile, Alabama, home of the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center - Welcome to The Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl home page.

Welcome to the Snipe Shop MK's unite!! This page is dedicated to the MK rate and the SWE. I hope all MK's will visit and contribute.

TCs Corner The Web Home for the Telecommunications Specialist - TCs Corner. E-Mail Directory, Mailing Lists, SWE Info and much more.

Yeoman Web Click here for the Yeoman Web Servicewide Exam Study Information for Coast Guard YNs

CG Combat Veterans Association - The title says it all. Want to know more? Check it out.

CG Sea Veterans Association - The title says it all. Want to know more? Check it out.

CG Bering Sea Patrol-Alaska Veterans Association - The title says it all. Want to know more? Check it out.

CG ClipArt. - Recently updated and improved. Looking for some CG Clip Art? Ron West has a great collection to choose from. He'll even take on special requests.

USCG Amateur Radio Net Official Home Page of the Coast Guard Club and The Coast Guard CW Operators Association

Here you will find links to Fred's Place favorite sites.

USCG's Homepage - The official Homepage of the US Coast Guard.

Director of Information & Technology - Office of Information Management The Coast Guard Directives System CD-ROM, including the Standard Distribution List (including downloadable mailing labels), the State-By-State Listing of CG Units, the Directives, Publications and Reports Index, and the Standard Subject Identification Codes Manual.

Master Chief Petty Officer - Coast Guard's Website Through this website you meet the MCPO-CG, his staff, CEA's, Force Managers plus get the "straight scoop" including the latest in "messdeck intellengence".


These Links were borrowed from the CGSVA Site

Department of Veterans Affairs – Life Insurance Program – Front Page
Joint Services Search and Rescue Page
The Retired Officers Association
Collection of Admiralty and Maritime Law References 
Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Information Center's Inland River Home Page - Excellent collection of     Navigation and River-related maritime information.
The Bermuda Triangle Page - lots more than info on just the Bermuda Triangle Boatlink - a GREAT collection of other nautical links, lots more than listed here!

Gary Tate’s Military Page
 GENS - The Professional Maritime Server Great Circle Calculator Great Lakes Shipwrecks A Guide to Maritime History Information on the Internet.
Heartland Boating Hong Kong Marine Department Interactive Marine Observations. A visual interface to the lastest worldwide marine weather information being reported by automated weather stations.
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. International maritime signal flags and their meaning.
.Maritime Administration (MARAD)
Maritime Information Systems -
Merchant Marine and Maritime Pages
National Maritime Initiative
The Nautical Art Home Page. Empty so far.
Navy Times

The NetSailor, a Virtual Boating Environment.
The Microship project, Nomadic Research Labs.
National Sea Grant
Nautical Bookshelf 
Ocean Drilling Program - NSF Sponsored 
The Poseidon Project
Port Page - based in Japan, jumping off point to other sites
Reasearch Ship Information and Cruise Schedules
Research Submersibles and Undersea Technologies
Renaissance Maritime Resources.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Ships and Navy Homepage, maintained by Andrew Toppan
The Story of the Titanic, a recapture of the basic facts about the ship and the catastrophy.
Submarine Cables of the World
 Tri-Coast Marine
Vietnam Veterans Home Page 
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Xerox's PARC Map Viewer - locate yourself on the planet by latitiude/longitude.

NACEC,The North American Center for Emergency Communications, provides a FREE world-wide message service for active duty U.S. Military and their families.

The Commodore, by Patrick O'Brian. Chapter One.
CyberCruising on San Francisco Bay
Epcom Communications, a maritime recording studio.

The Fleet Reserve Association


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