Ted Morris's Coast Guard

Ted Morris is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who began his  military career in the Coast Guard as an enlisted man. He served variously on the following Coast Guard Units:  

Manhattan Beach Training Station, Brooklyn New York
Apr 44-Sept 44

CGC FAUNCE (WPC-138); Greenland Patrol
Sept 44-Mar 45

Mar 45-Aug 45

Sept 45-Nov 45

Coast Guard Air Station Biloxi, Mississippi
Dec 45-Feb 46

Coast Guard Air Station San Diego, California
Mar 46-Jun 46

Jun 46-Jul 46

Aug 46-Sept 46

Oct 46-Dec 46

Coast Guard Air Detachment; Argentia NAS, Newfoundland
Dec 46-Feb 47

Coast Guard Air Detachment; BW-1 & BW-8 Greenland; Goose Bay, River Clyde, & Crystal 1 Labrador; Gander, Stephenville, Torbay & Argentia NAS Newfoundland
Feb 47-Apr 48

Coast Guard Air Station St. Petersburg, Florida
Apr 48-Nov 48

He has written extensively about not only his own experience, but also from his research into several Coast Guard units and incidents.  He has graciously permitted Jack's Joint to include his writings in this collection.

The following are direct links into each story on his web site. I have taken the liberty to use a modification of his front page as this page. Eventually all of his Coast Guard writings will be directly incorporated into Jack's Joint with some slight editing, modifications and a change in format. 

AOC J.R. Lee is a Retired Coast Guardsman and co-authored several of the articles. He has since crossed the bar. His son, James Lee, gave permission to use his father's work.

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You can read more of Ted Morris's Air Force Experience by going to his website. 

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The Author in 1947 - Aviation Machinist Mate 2/C,
US Coast Guard Air Detachment B.W.1 Greenland