No Receiver? No Parts? No Liberty!

by Jack Baines

Long title, short story..

Back in the 30s the Hooligan Navy, as the Coast Guard was called, had only about 10,000 men in the whole outfit. I was on the CALYPSO in 1936 when all our equipment was Navy surplus, and our spare parts boxes were empty.

I had a T6 and a T4 transmitter, two super-regenerative receivers and a direction finder. One of the receivers had a bad part.

I was going ashore on liberty and the communications officer had the OOD.

"Is that receiver fixed yet?" he asked in an authoritative tone.

"No, sir. No spare parts and it needs a blocking capacitor."

"I don't want any excuses," he said, "if that receiver isn't fixed soon, there will be no more liberties."

Well, I went to a local radio store and bought a capacitor with my own money.

Those were the good old days.


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