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I was made aware of these pictures by Joe Pickens. I checked back on the original site and found it was a foreign site. I believe the language to be Norwegian but I am not sure of that. I took the liberty of downloading the page and posting it. I searched the parent site and was unable to find any reference to the author. I would appreciate it if he would contact me.  - JACK -

A fishing boat sank not that far away from where I live with the loss of the 4 crewmembers during NW gales and a temp. of -28C.  Although the cause hasn't been officially determined the photos taken during the search of one of the rescue craft would strongly indicate that the boat became topheavy and capsized.


A real tragedy to this small fishing community.



 Lars Lund


Coast Guard Ship Sir William Alexander 


  The pictures taken were on the Coast Guard ship Sir William
Alexander during the search for the fishing boat El Loda Cash which went down in the Bay of Fundy 3 weeks ago. 


It is believed the ice caused the fishing boat to sink.

You can understand why....a tragic event,

but awesome pictures.

















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Like OS Bravo In January By Lars Lund - This article contains some spectacular pictures of icing on a ship. Old Salts will recognize the problem. This file will take a considerable time to download.