The following is a poem I wrote in honor of all the spouses who survive the difficulties of loving a Coastie.


The Other WomaN
By Katherine Hoffman
Reprinted By Permission

He comes and goes at such odd times
    this man I love so much.
I know there's someone else out there
    whose life he must go touch.

Sometimes for days or even weeks
    he has to go away.
And when he's home we never know
    how long he's going to stay.

I used to cry near every night
    but now my tears are dried.
Despite our painful lifestyle
    my heart is filled with pride.

And I will be his mistress
    though we're sharing just one life.
We may be married by the law
    but the Coast Guard is his wife.


Katherine "Kat" Hoffman is a student who is a friend of the Coast Guard. She has a website The Random World of Kat and her poem is worthy of further distribution - Jack


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