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JACK'S JOINT continues to grow in size. It is becoming more difficult to keep track of the various articles, stories, poems and so forth with a simple alphabetical listing. Therefore this page has been set up to assign a permanent number to each of the items posted on the site. Only the name of the article and the author are listed next to the number. You are invited to check the alphabetical listings for a brief description of the item. Those items marked with a © (copyright symbol) next to the name are copyrighted and can't be used for anything other than the readers enjoyment without the express permission of the author.


Twas the Witch of November Come Stealing

Jim Gill


 1946 - A Dismal Year for the Coast Guard

Jim Gill


A Coastie Christmas

Jeff Lindstrom


 Boys and Their Toys K. C. Lilly©  
0005 Boys In Navy Blue Unknown  
0006  Brief Notes On My World War II Service Ralph J. Rogers  
0007 Brits Dave Moyer  


Brown Christmas Matt S. Gann  
0009 The Bug Charles W. Lindenburg  
0010  Burley, A War Dog© C. J. "Mickey" Potter  
0011 Camel Adrift Donald Gardner  


Cap'n Jack Donald Gardner
0013 A Coastie Pub Crawl Pat Varallo
0014 Captain And The Boathouse Fire Dalton Burrus
0015 CG 83503 - A Brief History Al Readdy


CG-83312 Adventures Donald E. Gardner  
0017  CGC Arbutus - A Sea Story Jack Overath  
0018 CGC Iroquois Vs. the HASP Jack A. Eckert  
0019  CGC Iroquois Vs. the HASP - Another Version Lou Grebbien  


 Chaplain Dave Moyer  
0021  Chase-ing the AWOL's Jack Morrison  
0022  Chief - Your Guest Must Leave Ralph H. Davis  
0023 Chief Roche Donald E. Gardner  


A Coastie…And Proud Of It!  Dave Moyer  
0025   Chiefs In Greece Paul  McKenna  
0026   Chiefs On Chiefs   Unknown  
0027 China Dave Moyer  


Christmas Memories © Seamond Roberts  
0029 Coast Guard Boot Camp; Some Things You Never Forget Chuck Kircher  
0030   Coast Guard Floyd Stormer  
0031 Coast Guard Construction Detachments Van R. Field   


  Coast Guard Cutter COOS BAY Bill Bailey  
0033 Coast Guard Cutter SPAR Christened and Launched Jack A. Eckert  
0034 Coast Guard Heroes To You and Me © Dolly Juhlin  
0035 A Cottage By The Lighthouse Near The Beautiful Sea Barbara Doyle Ward  


  Coast Guard Hymn    
0037 Coast Guard in Vietnam    
0038   Coast Guard Surfmen on the USS Fuller(AP-5) Mawood Boole  
0039 Coast Guard to Salute SPAR's -- Women Who Made a Difference Andrew DeMilo  


Coast Guard Training Station at Avery Point Lester Theriot  
0041 Coast Guard(s) 2 - Atlantic Ocean 0   Michael Zapawa  
0042 Coast Guard’s Doctor Master Chief Calculates Climb To The Top Rudi Williams  
0043   Coast Guard-Manned Naval Vessels in World War II Robert Erwin Johnson  


  Coasties On The Rampage John R. Smith  
0045 Coasties On The Wall © Dolly Juhlin  
0046 A Day Away from the Paperwork Jeff Lindstrom  
0047 Collision Course Unknown  


Combat Pickup Trucks John Davis  
0049   Concrete Sailboat Shawn Vredenburg  
0050 Confessions of a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot - Part I Jack McCormack  
0051   Confessions of a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot - Part II Jack McCormack  


  Confessions of a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot - Part III  Jack McCormack  
0053   Confessions of a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot - Part IV Jack McCormack  
0054 Confused Swimmer Donald Gardner  
0055 Conversations © Esther Stormer  


  Convoy Escort - 1943 Bernard Lehrer  
0057 A Few "R-Rated" Kickapoo Stories Johnny Johnson  
0058   Coots Leland Bickford  
0059   Courier Tales Paul R McKenna  


Crew Will Always Find A Way Unknown  
0061 My First Day in The USCG   Victor Linderholm  
0062 Crossed Anchors George E. Vincent  
0063 Crossing The Bar R. E. Anderson  


Cruise of the Rammer Thorgaut Nathan W. Beck  
0065   Curse of Can Do Ann Laurent  
0066 D Day Museum Bob Gaut  

Boot Camp, Manhattan Beach Training Center, 1944

Ted A. Morris



Dave Dave L. Moyer  


A Fishy Tale About A Fish Trail Gerald Wanek  
0070   Death And Virtual Resurrection Of The Vineyard Lightship Seamond  Roberts  
0071 Death of the Coos Bay Jack Eckert  
0072 Decision Time at the Yard Don Gardner  


Deer Hunting on Drummond Island James Waesche  
0074 Demise Of Monster Maggie Alban Landry  
0075 Despair And Visions: Birth Of The Rescue Helicopter© Barrett T. (Tom) Beard  
0076 The Dirty Freddy Jack Eckert   


Dirty Tricks Charles L. Umpstead  
0078 Ditch and Rescue Wayne Hokom  
0079 Ditching of PanAm Flight 943 Link  
0080 A Girl's Coastie Hero © Dolly Juhlin  


Do You Remember Various  
0082   Dog on Duty Aboard Cutter   Unknown  
0083 Don't Panic - Write A Report   Unknown  
0084 Drama at Sea  Bob Foley  


Dramatic Rescue Link  
0086 Drunk Again Don Gardner  
0087 Duane Liberty Escapades Pat Varallo  
0088   Duty Day© J. Rossotti  


Duty In Chile During World War II  George Hughes  
0090 Duty on a "Q" Ship Lynn Bilyeu  
0091 A Guiding Light Saying Follow Me Donald H. Ward  
0092 Duty On The CGC Cayuga Jim Donahue  


  Earthquake!! Bobby Padgett   
0094  East To The Orient © Quentin McKay Greeley  
0095   Eastwind Collision Unknown  
0096  Ellis Island Robert L. Stambach  


End Of The Half Moon Link  
0098 Engineering Fun Ward Davies, Jr.  
0099 Engineer's Lament Al Schreiber  
0100   Engineroom Bells In Reserve   Charles L. Umpstead  


  Escanaba Jack Eckert  
0102 A Hero is Discovered Dave Moyer  
0103 Ever Gone, Never Clean, Evergreen Jack Eckert  
0104 False Armistice Lois Bouton  


Farewell To The Twentieth Century Jack Eckert  
0106 Fatal Collision   Tony Stolze  
0107 Father's Day ©  Dolly Juhlin  
0108 Final Inspection Link  


Fire in the Bilges  Ken Smith  
0110 Flushed Unknown  
0111  Flying BVD's Jim Oss   
0112 Flying Santa Website   Link  


1956 Summer Cruise Floyd Stormer  
0114   A History Lesson Jack Eckert  
0115 Flying Tiger Airliner Down Phil Gorman  
0116   Fogging The Chief Bigot Alan J. Neal  


  For Whom The Bell Tolls Timothy Harrison  
0118   Forcing Haitians Home Lisa Danielle Healy  
0119   Forty Footer Floyd Stormer  
0120 Fox River Light Attendant Station Al Schreiber  


Frank The "Roadrunner"   Don Gardner  
0122   Fresh Baked Bread   Jack Eckert  
0123 Fresh Hot Bread Ralph H. Davis  
0124 Full Circle Don Gardner   


A Letter From Captain Andre Unknown  
0126 Genesis of a Rank Al Siegrist  
0127 Getting Criminals Off of the Streets Floyd Stormer  
0128 Ghoul's of Groton John R. Smith  


GI Issue Unknown  
0130 Gillam Plane Jim Gill  
0131 Glittering Misery Nancy Hendrickson  
0132   Glossary of Nautical Terms Link  


God Bless The Coast Guard Daniel Moore Kershner  
0134   Going Home © Dolly Juhlin   
0135 Going On Watch Unknown  
0136 A Lightship Sailor Is Surprised   Donald H. Ward  


Golden Stream Johnny Johnson  
0138 Gone Again Don Gardner  
0139   Gooney Birds, Midway and NMO Bruno Yoka  
0140   Goose On The Rocks Jack Eckert  


Grand Melee of Yokosuka J.C. Carney  
0142 Great Chow On The Kickapoo Robert L. Smith  
0143 Gresham Episodes Don Gardner  
0144   Ground Hog Day at Sea  Charlie Spencer  


  Grounding of the Southwind Ralph Breschini   
0146  Guarding The U.S. Navy   Al Schreiber  
0147 A Nautical Lesson   Unknown  
0148  The Lost Squadron And Comanche Bay    Bruno Yoka   


Hard Times And Good Times Jack Eckert  
0150 Harvest Moon Ball At CGAS Brooklyn Jerold L."Jerry" Wanek  
0151 Hawaiian Baptism Franklin A. Warren, Sr  
0152 He Would Be Sixty-Four Joe Rush  


Hedgehopping Ocean Station Sugar   Charles W. Lindenberg   
0154 Heroes By Choice Lisa Danielle Healy  
0155 Heroes of The Coast Guard Link  
0156 Heroes Of The Sea – My First Patrol  Bob Reding  


Hiawatha's Cousin Floyd Stormer  
0158 A Nickname is Born Joe Morales   
0159 Loran Yarns - An Early Christmas Present Jack Morrison  
0160 Hide And Seek In Broad Daylight Jack Eckert  


  High Speed Approach  Floyd Stormer  
0162 History Lost© Tom Beard  
0163 History of Rescue Operations   Link  
0164  History of US Coast Guard Air Station Biloxi, Link  


Homecoming   Unknown  
0166  Honour To The Crew Lance Pardo  
0167   Hooligan Days© Sam Smith  
0168 How Not To Practice Mooring An Airplane Jerold L. (Jerry) Wanek  


A Night At The Opera Bob Smith  
0170 How The Sweetgum Trained The FTG David E. Riffle  
0171 How to Lose an Anchor Jack Eckert  
0172   How to Obtain Instant Recognition Unknown  


How to Simulate Shipboard Life Unknown  
0174 How to Simulate Shipboard Life -- Navy Style Unknown  
0175 Howling Winds; Turbulant Waters© J. C. Carney  
0176   Huff-Duff and the Coast Guard Bruno Yoka  


I Like The Navy Unknown  
0178 I Remember Jack Main Jack Eckert  
0179 Ice Storm of 1962 Unknown  
0180   A Perfect Moment Unknown  


I'd Like To Find The Guy That Named The Coast Guard Chris Yachic  
0182   If You Build It They Will Come Vince Patton  
0183 Ignorant Pigs © Dolly Juhlin  
0184 IKEY - The Strong Monkey Al Siegrist  


  I'll Never Forget The Woodrush  R. Metz  
0186 Incoming Vessel On A Crash Course Rick Bennett  
0187 Into The Tempest   Don Hutchings  
0188 Iris' "Sweet" Anchors Jim Oss  


  It Certainly Wasn't Fun, But...... Unknown  
0190  Italian Navy J.C. Carney  
0191 A Sailor's Dream John R Smith  
0192 It's a Ship Edgar A. Guest  


It's Brasswork Fred Morong  
0194   Jack's Law Jack Eckert  
0195   Jughaid Jack Baines  
0196 Just A Haulin' And A Dumpin' Scott Hemphill  


Just Doing My Job - The Grand Daddy Of All Sand Tales Donald H. Ward.  
0198   Keeper John Arndt Anderson, USLSS© 1870-1926   Alan Nelson  
0199 Keepers Prayer and Other Lighthouse Poetry Link  
0200   Kickapoo CO's Robert L. Smith   


Killer Boats Jim Gill  
0202   A Sailor's Pride  Ralph L. Cote  
0203 Kimball, Au Naturel Jim Oss  
0204 Kodiak Kombat Jack Hawkins  


  Leakage Jerold L. Wanek  
0206  Leaks Galore Charles L. Umpstead  
0207   Least Of The Indians Jack Eckert  
0208 Legend Of John Dobbin Unknown  


  Lending a Helping Hand Bob Comstock  
0210 Letters From The Land Of The Ice © C. William Bailey  
0211 Life on a Weather Ship Link  
0212   Life Saving Men Unknown  


  A Sedge Wife's Lament Mrs. Don Law  
0214 Life Saving Service And Election Year Politics© Dave Gamage  
0215 Lighthouse Keeper Wonders   Edgar A. Guest.  
0216 Lighthouse Keepers Unknown  


Lighthouse Letters   Seamond Ponsart Roberts  
0218   Lighthouses with Wet Basements  Charles W Lindenberg  
0219 Lightship Heaven Seamond Ponsart Roberts  
0220   Lightships Ralph H. Davis  


Lightships Vs. Lighthouses Jim Gill  
0222 Little Red Ship Jim Gill  
0223   Lobster Wars Link  
0224 1963 CGC Acacia Floyd Stormer  


The SS American Importer Rescue Jay Schmidt  
0226   Long Ago In The Coast Guard © Dolly Juhlin  
0227 Long Hours   Link  
0228 Lost At Sea!!! "The USCGC McCulloch Disaster of ‘58© J.C. Carney  


  Lost on Voyages to Nowhere W.R. Ehrman  
0230 Mad Man Muntz George Manning  
0231 Mal De Mer Pat Varallo  
0232 Man Overboard   Link  


  Man Overboard! Otto Freytag  
0234   Man Your Battle Stations Bob Coppens  
0235 Market Time Dave Moyer   
0236 A Surfman is Properly Reprimanded Link  


Matagorda's Last Voyage  Gene Blackwell  
0238 Me, A Radioman? Bill Price  
0239    Memories of My MKC© Dolly Juhlin  
0240 Memories Of The Ariadne Jory D. Luchsinger  


Merrimac River Lifeboat Station Jack Eckert  
0242 Merrimac River Lifeboat Station   Dave Gamage  
0243 Mike Dalton's Trip Dorothy Dalton  
0244 Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse - Circa 1949-53 Alfred Schreiber  


Milwaukee Breakwater Light Station - Circa 1956 Jack Eckert   
0246 Mine! Ken Smith  
0247 A Surfman's Lament Unknown  
0248  Missile Crisis Unknown  


Modernize The Coast Guard Jack Eckert  
0250 Monster Maggie of the Mackinaw Floyd Stormer  
0251 More How To Simulate Shipboard Life   Unknown  
0252 More Tales Of Palau   Alan J. Neal  


An Officer And A Gentleman Ed Klingensmith  
0254   Mother’s Cookies    
0255 Mr. Mazeika's Retirement Jim Oss   
0256  Murphy Goes on Patrol Jack Eckert  


  Mutiny on a USLSS Lifeboat Station Link  
0258 A Surfman's Short Story William L. Andres  
0259   My Coast Guard Link  
0260 My Coast Guard Life During WW II James C. Wynens  


My First Ride On The Taney Dave Davis  
0262 Nautical Terms and Phrases Link  
0263 New Boot And No Place To Go Donald H. Ward   
0264 New Years Eve at Sea Unknown  


Night Intercept Art Ladley  
0266 Night Mission Art Ladley  
0267   Nine Wonderful Years In The Coast Guard Andy Sallet  
0268 Nineteen, Talk To Me! © Barrett T. "Tom" Beard  


A Surprise Meeting Jack Eckert  
0270 No New Years Prize Floyd Stormer  
0271 No Receiver? No Parts? No Liberty! Jack Baines   
0272   Not Quite Straight From The Horse's Mouth Don Fulcher  


Notice to Mariners and the Mining of Haiphong (1972) Don Gardner  
0274   Now Cometh The Mighty Queen Sidban the Salah  
0275 O.C.S. Jack Eckert  
0276 Oakey L. Alexandria: The Death Of A Great Vessel Don Ward  


Ode To The Cutter Duane Floyd Stormer  
0278 Ode To The Eastwind Martin Sheridan  
0279 Of Iron Men And A Wooden Ship John Hutchins  
0280 A Tale Of Two Ladies Jack Eckert  


Old Guard -- New Guard©  Dolly Juhlin   
0282 Old Guard Sailors Are Heroes © Dolly Juhlin   
0283 Old Point Loma Lighthouse   Link  
0284 Old Salt’s Journal - Fall 1998      


Old Salt’s Journal - Spring 1998      
0286 Old Salt’s Journal - Spring 1999      
0287 Old Salt’s Journal - Summer 1998      
0288  Old Salt’s Journal - Summer 1999      


Old Salt’s Journal - Winter 1998      
0290 Old Salt’s Journal - Winter 1999      
0291 A Technician -- What's That? Floyd Stormer  
0292 Old Salt's Journal - Fall 1999.    


One Hell Of A Storm © J.C. Carney  
0294 One Last Message From a Queen John R. Smith  
0285 One Of A Kind - An Evergreen Tale   Paul McKenna  
0296   One Time When DE Duty Really Stunk  Dan Lawson  


One Up Joe Rush  
0298   Operation Torch W.E. Ehrman  
0299 Our Flag   Link  
0300 Owasco Dave Moyer  


P.I.!! Barry Fisher  
0302 A Tough Career Unknown  
0303   P.T.S From Viet Nam ©  Dolly Juhlin  
0304 Painting Dave Moyer  


Patrol Frigates Unknown  
0306  Paul Nusbaum is Suitably Impressed  Don Gardner  
0307   PH-2 Flying Boat Charles E. Spencer  
0308 Phooey on Bluie J.H. Coon  


Pilot Boat Duty Donald H. Ward  
0310 Pilot Island - 1955 Jack Eckert  
0311 Pirates John Ingram  
0312 Plan of the Day Nick Pusloski   


A Tragic Good Friday - 11 April 1952 Lee & Morris  
0314 Point Counter Point © Dolly Juhlin  
0315 Port © Dolly Juhlin  
0316   Portsmouth Harbor Lifeboat Station Jack Eckert  


Preface to Coast Guard Stories - Volume I Eckert & Gardner  
0318 Quick Thinking On Miah Maull Dave Moyer  
0319 R. O. N Jerold L. Wanek  
0320 Radio Beacon Repair - ERS Boston Style Joe Rush  


Radioman School Don Gardner  
0322   Radiomen at Large in St. Johns Scott Hemphill   
0323  Real Chiefs Don Gardner    
0324 A Tragic Good Friday   J. R. Lee  


Recalling the 1940's Aboard the Taney Warren Hartman  
0326 Red Apple Chiefs And Sock Liberties Dan Lawson  
0327   Red With Embarassment   Unknown  
0328  Re-enlistment Blues Don Gardner  


  Reflections on a 1930's Enlistment Robert C. Smith  
0330 Relief Lightship (WAL-505) John Yurga  
0331 Remembering A Sea Rescue Gone Awry© Christine Clarridge  
0332 Remembering Boot Camp, Curtis Bay Donald H. Ward  


Remembering The North Star Mike Bower  
0334   Republic of Nantucket Coast Guard News      
0335 1964 Alaska Earthquake Radio Traffic John Smith  
0336 A Tribute To Bill Bybel   Al Schreiber  


Rescue of The Bermuda Sky Queen Link  
0338   Rescued By a Buoy©   Elinor DeWire    
0339  Reveille Jerold L. Wanek  
0340 Rifle Range Liberties Pat Varallo  


Right Ship - Wrong Time Charles Spencer  
0342   Rotten Groton by the Thames Don Gardner  
0343 Routine Action At Sea Link  
0344  Safety Last W.E. Ehrman  


Saga of the CGC Modoc Link  
0346 Sailing Under the Black Flag Jack Eckert  
0347   A Trip In Time - Revisiting Your Military Experience © Jim Ure  
0348   Sailor Mom Dolly Juhlin   


Salty Jack Bob Gaut   
0350 SAR Unknown  
0351 Save The Mohawk (WPG-78)© Herb Reith  
0352 Saved By A Beer Mike Higgins  


Sea Going Boot Camp Jim Donahue  
0354   Semper Forgotus Katherine Hoffman  
0355 Semper Paratus Francis S. Boskerck  
0356 September 11, 2001 Robert Gaut    


Shanghaied  Paul McKenna  
0358   A Turkey Came To Thanksgiving Dinner Don Gardner  
0359 Shoot Out On West Patrol Donald H. Ward  
0360 Sinbad Has A Snoot Full Otto Freytag  


Sinbad The Four-Legged Sailor Larry Baker   
0362 Single Life In Hawaii Richard G. Fleming  
0363   Sinking Dave Moyer  
0364 Sinking of the US Coast Guard Cutter Magnolia Link  


Sleeping Twixt The Hawse Pipes On The Cedar Charles L Umpstead  
0366 Slightly Irregular Otto Fretag  
0367  Slightly Salty Stuff Larry Stefanovich  
0368 SM1 Douglas Munro's Actions at Guadalcanal  Ray Evans  


A Wakefield Diary © Bruno Ackerman  
0370   Snafu In Chicago Ron Reynolds  
0371 Snipes Lament Unknown  
0372  Snow Storm At Sea   Donald H. Ward  


Sometimes Size Does Make a Difference Dave Moyer  
0374 Sometimes You Just Don't Know Who You Are Talking To  Paul R. McKenna   
0375  Song of a Sea Sick Sailor Unknown  
0376   SOS Unknown  


SOS Relay John R. Smith  
0378 SP Duty Jack Eckert  
0379 Spectacle Reef Light Station--1953 Alfred E. Schreiber  
0380 A Water Spout By Any Other Name….  Bob Reding  


SS Dorchester's Call Sign Reissued  Bruno Yoka  
0382 St. Louis Car Salesman Recalls Old Times at Maine Lighthouse Link  
0393   Stale Bread And Hill Billy Music Ward Davies, Jr.  
0384 Stay Inboard of the Bight John Russell  


Steering Casualty Drill(s)  Bill Shaffer  
0386 Strange Experiences, Weird Places and Impossible Situations  L. Bradford   
0387  Strange Visitor Link  
0388   Stuff Happens Dave Moyer  


Submarine Duty in the U.S. Coast Guard Donald H. Ward  
0390 Surfmen Unknown  
0391   Action At Guadalcanal Link  
0392 Taking on Water John J. Miller  


Tales From The Pocatello (PF-9) Sam Guill  
0394 Tales of Palau Alan J. Neal   
0395 TAPS   Unknown  
0396 Taps for the FIR Charles W. Lindenburg  


Tare Uncle -- Over and Out Don Gardner  
0398 Telephone Men Unknown  
0399 Terror Strikes  Bob Gaut    
0400   Tet Dave Moyer  


Texas Tower 4 Victims Remembered© Lyford M. Moore  
0402 Acts Of A Gold Star Mother Paul Blayney  
0403 The 83 footer Robert Balsdon  
0404 The Case Of The Missing Motor Jack Morrison   


The Curious Cat Chuck Kircher  
0406 The Lost Squadron And Comanche Bay Bruno Yoka  
0407 The Cutter Unknown  
0408  The Cutterman And The Pirate Unknown  


The Day The Air Force Bombed Our Loran Station Alan J. Neal  
0410 The Day The Coast Guard Hanged A Man Robert F. Barber  
0411 The Demise Of Buffalo Lightship No. 82 © Link  
0412    The Differential Theory of US Armed Forces (Snake Model)   Unknown  


Admiral Waesche Russell R. Waesche, Jr  
0414 The Eagle Has Awoken J.C. Carney    
0415  The Ersatz Boatswain's Mate Joe Rush  
0416 The Final Patrol of US Coast Guard Patrol Boat CG-245   Link  


The Floater Jeffrey Maxon  
0418 The Garbage Barge Collision  Gerry Sweet  
0419 The Germination Of A Successful U.S. Army Career John F. O'Brien  
0420 The Great Bear Fight Joe Rush  


The Hajj Jack Eckert  
0422 The Job I Really Liked Jack Eckert  
0423 The Kaloosh Maker  Charles L. Umpstead  
0424 Adventures And Misadventures Of A Brass Pounder Frank M Stinson  


  The Lightship Guy G. Robbins  
0426 The Mighty Cutter Fetus Seamond  Roberts  
0427 The Moose Jack Eckert   
0428 The Most Unforgettable Chief I Ever Knew Don Gardner  


The Mysterious Running Lights Donald H. Ward  
0430 The Mystery Of The Three Legged Dog Unknown  
0431 The Navy, Marines, and Coasties at “Gitmo”  Charles L. Umpstead  
0432     The Only Ever Coast Guard Oiler Fred Goodwin  


The Other Woman Katherine Hoffman  
0434 The Pilots Psalm Unknown  
0435  Aircraft Carrier In Hurricane Floyd Unknown  
0436 The Red Headed Albatross Dave Bailey  


The Rowing Teams Unknown  
0438 The Sea Sick Pilot Dave Moyer  
0439 The Second 255 Coast Guard Reunion Jack Eckert  
0440   The Shortest Story Unknown  


The Sinking of the Tamaroa Jim Perkins  
0442   The Snipe Unknown  
0443   The FS362 - The Return To Manila   Jerome Friedman  
0444 The Spars Sam Guill  


The Storm of 1962  Charles L. Umpstead  
0446   A Beer Urge And A 9mm Nudge Joe Rush  
0447 Air-Sea Rescue at OCEAN STATION CHARLIE Link  
0448 The Story of Joe Winthrop, PM1 Jack Eckert  


The Story of Tony Caliendo  Rolf Bjornsen  
0450 The Thank You Page Various  
0451 The Two Dollar Bill Seamond  Roberts  
0452   The Ultimate Price Wayne Arnold  


The Unsinkable Derelict Richard White  
0454 The Usual "Unusual" Bob Lamb  
0455 The Warship Swiftsure   Jim Gill   
0456 The Watch Unknown  


The West Chop Wild Goose Chase Seamond  Roberts  
0458 Alcohol Control Officer On The Sebago Jim Miotke  
0459 The Whiskey Mine Harold Doan  
0460 The Winds Of November   Donald H. Ward  


There are Some Days Nothing Goes Right Tom Fleming   
0462 Three Minutes That Rocked The Coast Guard Link  
0463 To Answer The Call Dave Gillespie  
0464 To Catch A Thief Unknown  


To Guard -- To Protect Unknown  
0466 To The Lighthouses Link  
0467   Tommy Rudyard Kipling  
0468 Too Fat  R.A. Johnson  


All Gaul Is Divided Robert Gaut  
0470 Tormenting The Navy Jerold Wanek  
0471 Tragedy In Vietnam Tom Humerick  
0472 Tribute to a Coast Guard Wife G.R. Newman  


TWA Flight 800 Shawn Vredenburg  
0474 Two Chiefs - One Engineroom Jack Eckert  
0475 Two Sea Stories About Our Brown Shoe Friends Jerold  Wanek  
0476    U. S. Coast Guard Academy Football-1952 Unknown  


  U.S.S. General Aultman Jim Gill  
0478   UFO Jeff Lindstrom  
0479 Along the Frozen Front (World War II in the Arctic) Bruno Yoka   
0480  Ulithi Atoll - A Different World Ken Smith  


Uncommon Valour Lance Pardo  
0482 Under way, under waves© Lisa D. Healy  
0483 Uniform Decision Bob Gaut  
0484   US Coast Guard PBY - 5A  48314; Link  


  USCGC Coitus Interuptus Jim Oss  
0486 USCGC Escanaba I (WPG-77) J.C. Carney  
0487   USCGC Hemlock Jim Gill  
0488 USCGC McCulloch Jack Eckert  


Always Ready Dave Moyer  
0490 USCGC McLane Jim Gill  
0491 USCGC Mojave and the SS Manhattan   Link  
0492  USNS Redbud Jack Eckert  


The W Incident- J.C. Carney  
0494 Wanna Try That Again Sir?  Dave Moyer  
0495   War Games  Shawn Vredenburg  
0496 We Are The Coast Guard   Jeff Lindstrom  


We Gotcha Jerold Wanek  
0498 We’ve Been There   William J. Hahn  
0499   Weather Station Fox © Wesley E. Hall  
0500   American GI - Man of the Century Congressional Record  


The Fatal Voyage of the Puffin Barnes & Schmidt  
0502 Were the 255s Ever Supposed to be 355's?  Jack Eckert  
0503   What Goes Around Comes Around Unknown  
0504 What's My Location? Hartley A. Loertscher  


  When All Were Heroes John R. Smith  
0506 When CGAS Brooklyn Played Santa Jerold  Wanek  
0507 When Doctor Steve Went On Patrol   Jack A. Eckert  
0508 When the Tucker (CG-23) Got Tight Al Siegrist  


Where Are You Rocky Anglin? Paul McKenna  
0510   Where Is The Outrage? Doug Bingham  
0511 An Airedale Goes On Weather Patrol Ted A. Morris  
0512 Where's The Beef John R. Smith  


White Angel  Jim Gill  
0514 White Hull Christmas Unknown  
0515  Why I Became A Brown Shoe* Jack McCormack  
0516 Women in the Coast Guard Elizabeth A. Neely  


Workhorses of the Fleet Wiemer & Bourne   
0518 World War II Horse Patrol Dan Hoff  
0519   Yocona Matt S. Gann  
0520   You Have to Go Out, You Don't Have to Come Back Morris & Lee  


Young Girls (and other dangers to navigation) Donald Gardner  
0522 An Arctic “Cruise” Turned Treacherous  Bruno Yoka  
0523   You're In The Coast Guard Now © Lisa D. Healy  
0524 Team Forward, Team Coast Guard© Lisa D. Healy  


Alcatraz Disguised John J. Murray  
0526 The First Loss: The Sinking Of The USCGC Hamilton Link  
0527 Boon Island Declares Independence© Link  
0528 The Copra Run   Jerome Friedman  


  Boot Camp, Manhattan Beach Training Center, 1944   Ted A. Morris  
0530 An Explosion on the Bering Strait Tom Opilla  
0531   An Old ‘Coastie’ Dreams Charles L. Umpstead  
0532 A CG Airdale Compares Driver Requirements Paul McKenna    


  Anchor Detail Ralph Elliot   
0534  And This Aint No Sh _ T! Homer Dean  
0535 And Yet They Went Dennis L. Noble  
0536   Announcing The Wisckey Class Cutter Bernie Hoyland  


Another Evergreen Story Mark Wood   
0538 Another Fun Day At Lualualei   Chuck Kircher  
0539 Are We Crazy? Pat Varallo  
0540 Are We or Aren't We? Unknown  


Arizona Continues the War Aboard Taney By Warren Hartman    
0542 Arrividerci John R. Smith  
0543 A Chief’s Version of the 1959 Cadet Cruise Charles L. Umpstead  
0544   Asiatic Crew Of The Planetree Allen J. Neal  


At Last - Coast Guard Navy Bean Soup Jim King  
0546  Au Revoir Captain Harvey Daran Barfield  
0547 Auction Of Historic Ship Tugs At Heartstrings © Jennifer Harper  
0548 Avery Point Light Latecomer But It Deserves Preservation© Carol W. Kimball   


  Aviation 101   Unknown  
0550  Aviation Machinist Mate School, Link  
0551  Aviation Radioman  Seb Shahlamian  
0552   Backfired J.C. Carney  


Balls Dan Eckert    
0554 A Christmas Poem Unknown  
0555 Barnegat Lightship Update Link  
0556   Barney Sez Jack Baines   


  Batangan Peninsula Dave Moyer  
0558   Battle Practice Link  
0559   Beach Patrol Blues Unknown  
0560 Beer Can Antenna   Jack Williams  


Beer Drinking Pigs © Dolly Juhlin  
0562 Ben Hurr Bath Bill Shaffer  
0563 Bender "Blues" Jack Eckert  
0564   Beneath The Decks, Near The Keel©   Lisa D. Healy  
0565   A Coast Guard Loran Station Ken Smith  
0566 Bermuda Air Station Don Gardner  


Bernie’s Air Stories Bernard A. Hoyland   


Big Catch Megan Andrews   
0569   Biscayne Bay Professionalism   Link  
0570  BMC "Mickey" McKrez Link  
0571 Boarding Dave Moyer  
0572 Boatswains Mate Unknown  
0573 Bombs of a Different Type  Ken Smith  
0574   Book'm Dano Jeffrey Maxon  
0575   Boot Camp 1948 - An Introduction to the Coast Guard Jack Eckert  
0576 A Career That Almost Went Kaput Don Opedal  
0577 Abandon Ship© Unknown  
0578 Acquiring A Brand New Gold Stripe   Don Opedal  
0579   Byrd Tales    Foster Byrd  
0580   Ding-A-Ling   Roy Remley  
0581 HMCS Esquimalt/A Tragedy Told  Terrence C. Manuel - Link  
0582   Loran Yarns – Port Clarence - The Journey Begins Jack Morrison   
0583  Loran Yarns - Port Clarence – The Journey Continues   Jack Morrison  
0584 My Love Affair With The Tamoroa ??? Bill Doherty  
0585 New Veterans   Robert Gaut  
0586 Remembering The North Star Mike Bower  
0587 Tales From The Pocatello (PF-9) Sam Guill  
0588   Tales Of The Past Joe Ferguson   
0589 The Coast Guard Story© Charles R Harris    
0590 The FS362 - The Return To Manila Jerome Friedman  
0591   A Soldier Died Today    
0592 WWII Shenanigans Tony Stoltze  
0593 Loran Tales - Wash Day Jack Morrison  
0594 .Rescue At Sea - Navy Style Unknown  
0595 Uniform Care John (Rusty) Marshall  
0596 A Paint Party  John (Rusty) Marshall  
0597 ET's 1 -- Snipes 0  Ned Stevens   
0598   Crewmen of LV 116 (Chesapeake Lightship) Oral Histories   Link  
0599 The Right Arm Boatswain's Mate Link  
0600 Can You Top This? Unknown  
0601 Where Is Your Flag Lance Pardo  
0602 Patrol Boat CG-40381 C.W. Lindenberg  
0603 The Tale of the "Mighty 'E’astwind" USCGC ICEBREAKER W279 1943 to 1968 Warren D. Bonner©  
0604 A Christmas Eve Watch Michael L. Zapawa  
0605 The Mighty "O" Victor D. Phillips   
0606 U.S. Coast Guard - The "Forgotten" Military J.C. Carney  
0607 I Am Proud To Be A "COASTIE"  Doug Peterson   
0608 Old Salt's Journal - Winter 2002    
0609 Duty On Small Boats During WWII George Rogers  
0610 No, No, Not Me - The Red Cutter Jim Gill  
0611 On Station-The Red Target Jim Gill  
0612 The Goehring Incident Al Phaneuf   
0613 The Men With The Pin  Bob "Dex" Armstrong   
0614 The European Vacation (Cadet Cruise 1970) John Russell  
0615 Portland Maine: Such a Friendly Town  John Russell  
0616 GITMO?  -- What the &$#@ is a GITMO? John Russell  
0617 Duane Stories Paul (Harry) Turner  
0618 SS American Importer Rescue  Jay Schmidt   
0619 The Cookie Cutter Cuts It John Russell  
0620 Haiti: Operation Uphold Democracy  David Glasenapp  
0621 Bread Baking On The McCulloch Joe Pickens  
0622 Lost And Found At Sea  Bob Urie  
0623 The Men Who Fight Below Josh Few  
0624 Jack's Law Jack  
0625 You Might Be A Coastie, If...... Anonymous  
0626  The First Cruise of Lightship 196©  C. William Bailey  
0627  A Venerable Cutter  C. William Bailey  
0628 The Deckie's Revenge Jack Morrison    
0629 A Buoy Tender Tows a Battleship C. William Bailey  
0630 Old Chiefs Author Unknown  
0631 Lost At Sea!!! The McCulloch Disaster of '58© J.C. Carney  
0632 French Frigate Shoals Bob Urie  
0633 An Old Sailor Remembers - WPB-83484 Wink Weber  
0634 The Wonderful World Of Warrant Jim Gill  
0635 A Students Rememberance Of Groton Jack Morrison  
0636 Coasties and Zoomies Work Together Bob Urie  
0637 The Groton Years Jack A. Eckert   
0638 The Saintly Coast Guard Chief   Jerry Arnold   
0639  Ship Handling 101 Chuck Kircher  
0640 How I Became a “Meat head” Mike Brewer  
0641 CGC Mellon Revisited  By Bob Urie  
0642 I Was Recruited From French Frigate Shoals Don Opedal  
0643 My Kind Of Navy Unknown  
0644 A Cold War Encounter Harold Doan  
0645 The Last Holdout Lew Hayes  
0646 Eulogy In Tribute To the First MCPOCG, Charles Calhoun Vincent Patton  
0647 The Back Story Of An Engagement Claude William “Bill” Bailey  
0648 I Was A Teenaged Lighthouse Keeper ©2002 Harry T. (Tom) Serres   
0649 The Padre And The Port Running Light Harold Doan  
0650 CGC Ariadne (WPC-101) Life Aboard A Buck Sixty-Five   Unknown  
0651 Patton's Creed Linda D. Kozaryn  
0652 The Center Of Buoyancy For An Ensign Harold Doan  
0653 French Frigate Shoals Is For The Birds  Bob Urie  
0654 May Day - May Day  Warren Toussaint  
0655 My Heart's at Sea Forever Unknown  
0656 The Military Life And Opinions Of Pasquale "Pat" Varalla Pat Varalla  
0654 Leadership Equals Seamanship and Vice Versa   C. Wm. Bailey  
0655 The “Mike” Boat  Dave Moyer  
0656 Rum And Coca Cola Harold Doan  
0657  The Flag - My Original Sin Jim Orrock 

0658 Let's Visit The Westwind ©1 Tom Serres  
0659 Memorial Day - 2002 Robert Gaut  
0660 The FS-156 William. R. Bentler  
0661 Marijuana Moorings  Jack A. Eckert

0662 And then there is Marine Inspection Al Schreiber  
0663 Mess Cooking On The Mighty John C.  Jarard G. Powers  
0664 An Onion In The Petunia Patch Jack A. Eckert  
0665 Sailing Date  Fred J. Shortall

0666 Team Vicksburg Battles Storm To Rescue Sailors In Distress  Author Unknown  
0667 The Bottle And The Marine Mike Spilman  
0668 What The Coast Guard Is All About Unknown  
0669 Letters To Home - Chase-I C.W. "Bill" Bailey  
C670 The Hooligans Navy Takes Care Of Its Own Mike Spillman  
0671 Lightships By The Numbers By Jim Gill  
0672 Buoy Tender Duty In The South Pacific - 1943-1946© C.W. "Bill" Bailey  
0673 Hook, Line and Shrimper  Larry Welker  
0674 Unusual Employees John Ingram

0675 The Seabag Author Unknown  
0676 A Mountain William Joins The Coast Guard  Anonymous   
0677 The Love Boat Bernard Lehrer   
0678 Rosie The Riveter  Bernard Lehrer   
0679 Bilbo's Tale Of Woe  Jack Morrison   
0680 Swiss Army Knife Or Pen Knife - OPINION  Jack A. Eckert   
0681 Venial Sin Bernard Lehrer  
0682 Ballad of a Coastguardsman  Horace Marvin Lewey jr  
0683 A Tour On The Nourmahal   Bernard Lehrer   
0684 Manhattan Beach to Atlantic City, The Hard Way - 1942    Bernard Lehrer   
0685 The Sailor Roberto Prinselaar


0686 The Venerable Cutter Gentian  C. William Bailey  
0687 First Class, The Easy Way?  Bernard Lehrer   
0688 Burial At Sea  Bernard Lehrer   
0689 Never Volunteer Bernard Lehrer   
0690 An Alaskan Love Life  Bernard Lehrer   
0691 Tom And Huck Mike Spilman  
0692 Cap'n Ban And The Naptha Engine ©1974 Nell Wise Wechter  
0693 Two Thousand One Nine Eleven Author Unknown


0694 Cannon Balls Anonymous


0695 Near Miss Missus Ted McCormack  
0696 My Loran Tales #1   Ned Stevens  
0697 My Loran Tales #2  Ned Stevens  
0698 The Southbank Rescue Author Unknown  
0699 Fire On The Ilhavense Segundo Author Unknown  
0700 Hard Aground  Author Unknown  
0701 Big Bunny One Author Unknown  
0702 Ice Battle Author Unknown  
0703 Memories Of Little River Light Station©   David P. Bartholomay  
0704 Flossie John Estep  
0705 Lampedusa Living  Don Opedal  
0706 Holy Stonin' Jarard Powers  
0707 Henrietta And Bell(e) Harry T. "Tom" Serres  
0708 How I Began And Ended My Coast Guard Career Harry. T. “Tom” Serres  
0709 The Coast Guard's Finest Hour © Robert A. Hamilton  
0710 What's This You Are Carrying? John Cumming  
0711 The Chief and the Artist Ted McCormack  
0712 Gum Shoes and Ice Breakers  Ted McCormack  
0713 Those *@#% Reservists!   Ted McCormack  
0714 My Loran Tales #3 - High Jinks on Attu  Ned Stevens  
0715 The Secretary Comes Calling Ted McCormack  
0716 Coast Guard Recognition in WWII Al Schreiber  
0717  Outwitting The Custom's Officials Esther Stormer


0718 A Gold Life Saving Medal  CG History Site  
0719 USCGC KUKUI (WAK-186) - Workhorse of the Pacific Jim Donohue  
0720   On Station - The Red Target Jim Gill  
0721 The Veteran  Anonymous  
0722 You Worry Me! Anonymous  
0723 Two Thousand One Nine Eleven  Anonymous  
0724 They Got Me Going and Going    Don Opedal  
0725 The Tupelo's Early Years C. W. "Bill" Bailey    
0726 The Coast Guard Emily Huntington Miller


0727 Postwar Reminisces - Pacific Buoy Tenders  C.W. "Bill" Bailey  
0728 A Sailor's Prayer Anonymous  
0729 Momentarily Alone In The Arctic Don Opedal   
0730 Coast Guard Gypsies Jack A. Eckert  
0731 USCGC Mohawk - The Last Of Her Tribe (Part One)©  J.C. Carney  
0732 USCGC Mohawk - The Last Of Her Tribe (Part Two)©  J.C. Carney  
0733 Farewell to Anguar Allen J. Neal  
0734 The Little Ship That Could Al Schreiber  
0735 Underway As Before  Don Opedal  
0736 The Fund Raiser  Don Opedal  
0737 A Soldier's Christmas Author Unknown  
0738 Underway Drills Don Opedal  
0739 Tug Of War-Ice Breaker Style Jack Morrison  
0740 Senator Glenn Responds  John Glenn  
0741 Swim Call   John R. Long  
0742 Seagoing Snapshots - A Sea Story Tom Grabowski   
0743 The Famous Goehring Incident Albert Phaneuf  
0744 Spacious Skies Of The Columbia Shuttle  Bob Gaut  
0745 The Origin Of  A Common Word Unknown  
0746 Stern View Bob Gaut  
0747 Old Sailors   Larry Dunn  
0748 The Other Protester   Author Unknown  
0749 The Cutter Northland At War©   Jack Dorsey  
0750 Groton Memories  Linda Malaussena Robinson  
0751 Mackinaw to get reprieve with technology refit©  Al Miller   
0752 Old Jack the Lighthouse Mule - A Story for Kids of All Ages©   Elinor DeWire  
0753 Some little known American military history Author Unknown  
0754 Sea Stories from the Mighty "I" - Late ‘77 to early ‘78 By R. L. Schmidt  
0755 Ocean Stations.I.. Military.com forum  
0756 Ocean Stations II Military.com forum  
0757 What's The Visibility? Harry Sadler  
0758 The Sea © Robert E. Browne  
0759 The Ten Commandments Of The Diesel Engine Author Unknown   
0760 The Deck Of Cards Bible T. Texas Tyler  
0761 Duane High Jinks Esther Stormer  
0762 The Average Military Man Author Unknown  
0763 Bramble Sails Into History© Mary Lou Creamer  
0764 Guests Of The Crown Bruce Salisbury  
0765 The Pledge of Allegiance  John McCain  
0766 PCS From Island to Island  Mark Wood  
0767 On Deck! The End of an Era Unknown  
0768 The Mallow Meets Number 10 Buoy  Rory Schultz  
0769 Coast Guard Days at Portsmouth Harbor© Jeremy D'Entremont  
0770 The Colonel Has His Say Jack Eckert  
0771 What's The Visibility?  Harry Sadler  
0772 A Deadly Training Crash© Ken Freeze  
0773 Tragedy At The Farallons© Ken Freeze  
0774 Death On Blyn Mountain© Ken Freeze  
0775 Mercy Flight Ends In Death©  Ken Freeze  
0778 Kingfisher Crash Off San Francisco© Ken Freeze  
0777 Adak Crash Of PBY-5A©  Ken Freeze  
0778 Crash In Greenland© Ken Freeze  
0779 Eastwind's J2F-6 Crash© Ken Freeze  
0780 PBY Mountain Crash©  Ken Freeze  
0781 Beechcraft C-45B - USAF Training© - Ken Freeze  
0782 Air Station Salem Armed Forces Day Crash©  Ken Freeze  
0783 Funeral Plane Crashes in Snow Storm© Ken Freeze  
0784 Rescue off China© Ken Freeze  
0785 Crash of Jolly Green 23© Ken Freeze  
0786 MT. Mars USCG HU-16E Crash© Ken Freeze  
0787 The Loss of HH-3F 1471 and Its Crew©  Ken Freeze  
0788 Tending the Milos Reefer Pat Glesner  
0789 My Life On Boon Island © Miriam (Dolby) Hammel  
0790 Music Men of the Cutter CHASE Rodney O. Young   
0791 Laundry Day Rodney O. Young   
0792 The High Speed Fire Drill Caper  Louis Moore  
0793 New Class of Patrol Boats for Old-Timers Jay Schmidt  
0794 Ainu Autumn Pat Glesner  
0795 Boon Island Declares Independence©2003 (LINK) Tim Harrison  
0796 The Chicago Bash Jack Eckert   
0797 Alpha to Omega C. W. (Bill) Bailey  
0798 Crossing The Bar  Alfred Tennyson


0799 Two Poems© Eric Christian Hansen  
0800 The Tether Jack A. Eckert  
0801 The Big Roll Mark Wood  
0802 Box Lunches   George Bruhl


0803 My Coast Guard Family  Dave Stone  
0804 Winter Frolics On The Great Lakes   Jeff Lindstrom  
0805 The Arctic Cruise Of The U.S. Coast Guard Eastwind (WAGB-279) 1 May - 19 September 1952   Benjamin B. Blodget  
0806 I Remember Shishi  Pat Glesner  
0835 Lightship Down  Tom Dunlop  
0808 The Mighty 'E'astwind   Warren D. Bonner  
0809 How a Boat Passes Me I'm Towing Jack Fletcher   
0810 The Makings Of A Radioman   William A. Ogletree  
0811 To Sea On The Alexander Hamilton William A. Ogletree  
0812 The Last Mission Of The Alexander Hamilton William A. Ogletree  
0813 Voyage Down To Labrador William A. Ogletree  
0814 Snow And Blizzard   William A. Ogletree  
0815 The Labradormen's Rescue©   William A. Ogletree  
0816 How To Become A 40' Coxswain In Three Easy Lessons Jack Fletcher  
0817 Living at a Lighthouse©  Helen Carlson  
0818 CG-36454 - Back from the Deep Donald L. Nelson  
0819 Spirit of the Hamilton George Birch  
0820 River Gossip Author Unknown  
0821 Campbell Chatter Author Unknown  
0822 Greenland Rescue Author Unknown  
0823 Former Cutter Sinks Two Author Unknown  
0824 Boston Author Unknown  
0825 Winter Woes  Rex Henley  
0826 Three Stories In One - 1964 1965 © C.W. “Bill” Bailey  
0827 Life at Sea on the Amy J© George Alton   
0828 Santa And The Elf© Seamond Ponsart Roberts  
0829 The Navy - Night Before Christmas Author Unknown  
0830 The Little Red Lightship that brought a Big Aircraft Carrier to a Stop   James F. (Jay) McCarthy  
0831 The Sands Of Christmas   Michael Marks  
0832 The Soldiers Night Before Christmas  Major Bruce W. Lovely  
0833 Necessity is the Mother of Improvisation Mario Vittone  
0834 Terms, Traditions and Customs of the Naval Service© Author Unknown  
0835 Creed of the United States Coast Guardsman Harry G. Hamlet  
0836 The Good Life Tony Tuliano