A CG Airdale Compares Driver Requirements

Submitted by Paul McKenna


If they taught people to drive like they do to fly, you would have to:

       Know every system in your car, and how it works,

        Be able to read a map, and memorize every symbol on it to make sure you never get lost,

        Accurately estimate fuel usage (to the minute) ,

        Understand the optimum power settings for the duration and range,

        Be able to predict varying performance based on weather and temperature variables,

        Memorize the motor vehicle laws,

        Check your tires and brakes prior to driving,

        Practice a tire blowout at 70 mph,

        Get special training to drive in bad weather,

       Get a checkout in any new vehicle you wanted to drive and if it was a high performance vehicle, and even more training and a signoff by an instructor stating it is ok to drive that type of car,

        Take a driving test every year to make sure you are still a safe driver,

        Must have less than a .04 blood alcohol level and not be within 8 hrs of your last drink,

        Pass a medical exam every 6 months,

        Simulate a crash from a bridge into a lake, and memorize the procedures that would afford the best chance of survival and escape.

        And then...they'd let you go around the block for a couple months, and if that worked out ok, you'd be able to go to the next town with the instructor's written permission,

        After a time, you'd take a written examination to demonstrate your knowledge of the above, and if that worked out ok, you'd get to spend hours with an examiner to deem you safe to carry passengers,

        After all that, you'd be sharing the road only with others who've gone through the same training as you did,

Despite all this, once in a while an accident would still occur.  


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