USNS REDBUD - How Even the Brightest Among us Goofs

From The Old Salt's Journal, Summer 1998: "Which 180 foot tender never sailed under a Coast Guard Flag? Answer - Redbud"

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Dear Ken:
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The summer issue of subject Journal was very interesting. Is it
possible to order back issues?

The item in the Summer 1998 issue on page 7 re the USS REDBUD caught my eye since she was one of my nine CG Cutter commands. . However I must inform you that she DID sail under the CG Ensign, and for some time.

I was hastily recalled fom the WALNUT in French Frigate Shols to take the REDBUD south on a Loran Station supply mission in the South Pacific under the command of CGDistrict 14. Following that interesting , and on one occasion hectic) voyage we were assigned to duty with the Navy Hydrographic units at Bikini to prepare for the atom bomb test in the spring of '46.
We were under USN OPCON but retained our CG identity and CGD14 support and ADMIN. .

This was much the same arrangement that TUPELO (where I spent several happy years) operated in the Guam area setting heavy ship moorings for a Navy Service Squadron .

REDBUD did not get to see the bomb go off however, and after planting all the buoys required for positioning the test vessels we were ordered back to Hawaii and I went home for the 120 days of leave that had accumulated. Presumably then she was disposed of to become a USN vessel

Bill Bailey

Dear Bill Bailey,

I stand corrected. Redbud operated under the USNS flag many years out of Argentia. In later years she operated out of New Bedford. The standard brass name plate called it a USCG Cutter but I was told by one of the ship's officers that it never was in the Coast Guard, the Navy had taken it directly from the builder.

Well you never know. I was surprised when I saw a gray 180. That was in 1951 when I was a crewman on the Evergreen and later in New Bedford when I was a Junior Officer on the Escanaba.

My apologies,


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