This is a partial reprint of an article entitled In Old St. Louis from the Coast Guard Magazine, November 1942, a copy of which was donated to Don Gardner by Harry Blesy, N9CQX, a member of the Coast Guard Club (Radio)


River Gossip

Author Unknown



The lowdown on Victor Mature, movie idol who joined the Coast Guard recently as a Coxswain, is being buzzed around the St. Louis office by Michael Spatz, Y3c.

It seems that Mike and Vic grew up together in Louisville and separated when Vic went to Hollywood. Then Mike enlisted in the Coast Guard. Shortly after, Mature also signed up. Mike won’t admit that he wrote to Vic, recommending the Service.


Boys from the district office rolled them in the aisles with a vaudeville program at a U.S.O. dance in the St. Louis Auditorium.

Charles Spink, Sea1c; Edward Hunsinger, Sea2c, and Howard Buretta, Sea1c, presented a fan dance which brought down the house. Their attire consisted of long underwear, brassieres and lace panties.

Marshall Zwick, Sea1c, of the band, played a xylophone solo and William Wright, Sea1c, and James Hooss, Sea1c, sang. Lomax Study, BM2c, acted as master of ceremonies.


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