Volume XXVII - Number 9

March 14, 2003


As Coasties and cutters head overseas, we all wish them a safe deployment and hope they return home soon.

BMC Kevin Battle (Res) retired after 22 years of total service. Kevin is thinking about the USCG AUX now.

BMCS Sheila Lucey, OIC Brant Point, became an aunt for the 12th time in December. She is also the proud Godmother to Timothy John (TJ) Lucey.

CDR Marc Woodring ran away with top honors in the 2002 Woody's Tournament ith 33,840.0 points. CDR Woodring and his family (Kim, Matt, Nate and Adam) moved into their new house in Juneau, Alaska o/a 01 JAN.

Hat #736 for The Hat Rack was received 14 JAN 03. It is a USS Wakefield hat; the Wakefield was a Coast Guard manned troopship during WWII which George Koury's uncle proudly served on.

CAPT Blaine Horrocks retired at the end of February and is now working for TSA. ADM James Loy (Ret) is the boss at TSA.

LCDR Rick Pineiro sent along a large USCG International Training Division copper coin. Thanks!

Station Brant Point put out the Friday evening hors d'oeuvres at the Nantucket Anglers' Club twice this winter and they were outstanding both times. The 1" to 1' model of their 47' MLB, soon to be named Madaket Millie, which was part of their blue ribbon Main Street Christmas tree display is also on display at the Anglers' Club.

BMC John Carpenter, MSU Galveston did a presentation of a small piece of CG history at CPOA/West during January. His subject was The Ring Game at the Anglers' Club!

Work has been going on at the new sewage treatment plant located on former Loran Station land on Nantucket.

The black hulls have had their work schedules full of ice breaking this winter. Ida Lewis broke out Nantucket.

Governor's Island has been turned over to the city and state of New York.

Bill Doyle, Raz Parker's son-in law, was working on Nantucket and got to see The Hat Rack. He got a RONCG hat w/eggs to take back to Raz.

CWO Jim Gill (Ret), USCG Lightship Sailors Association President and founder, passed over the bar on 10 FEB.

The USCGC Cowslip, aka RONCG That's No Bull, was retired last month after 60 years of service.

BMCM Manny Fillman (Ret) recently received his 100 ton Captain's license with a towing endorsement and is qualified and has been giving STCW classes (Standards for Training, Certification and Watch Keeping).

CWO Mary Ward is going to PCO/PXO school the end of March. We're all happy for her and her family.

The 2002 Madaket Millie Award was presented to Rose Majgier, USCG Aux on 22 FEB 03. Well deserved!

CAPT Nolan's boat Mariah will have the canvas cover taken off before 01 APR (wet storage) and Marih will be moved across the creek to Raz Parker's boatyard for dewinterization. ADM Linnon, CAPT Hruska and "CAPT" Fillman will be assisting. Oh to be a fly on the wall when those 4 retired Coasties get together...

CWO4 Rick Hersey wanted to weigh in a 7 beer can chain pickerel; the fish was 7 beer cans long. It must be about time for Mr. Hersey to start looking for another job.

Mr. (Fred) Rogers left the neighborhood recently, for good. I'm sure that Mr. Rogers and his dear friend the late CWO4 Madaket Millie have found each other. The Madaket (west end) section of Nantucket will not be the same.

The Republic of Nantucket has logged in 66" of snow this winter (so far). Enough is enough, think Spring!


YN1/SK1 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)