Volume XXVII - Number 10

Friday, 23 May 2003

CAPT Blaine Horrocks is retired and working for TSA at Portland (ME) International Airport.
PAC Greg Creedon is retired and living on Nantucket Island.
CDR Doug and CDR Pam Russell are heading for CG Headquarters (87' PB Project and Future Force 21).
Kevin Battle (Ret) can be seen in cruiser #6 of the South Portland (ME) PD 0700-1500 hours. He asks that if you see him, please wave with all five fingers!
CDR Jim McPherson will become CO of CGC ESCANABA during the Nantucket Billfish Tournament week.
BM2 Aaron Pitney will be on CGC SKIPJACK in August. Commissioning is due in October.
CAPT Sue Bibeau, USCGA, went TAD to the Air Force Academy to "Help them out," earlier this spring.
CAPT Russ Webster will officially retire on 30 JUN 03.
LCDR Dan Mades will move down the street to CG HDQ this summer.
CWO3 Mary Ward will become CO of STA CAPE CANAVERAL this summer.
BM2 Kris Demetros, STA BRANT POINT, was frocked and has gone to the west coast for an XPO job.
CWO4 Rick Hersey, CO, STA FORT PIERCE, will retire on 20 AUG 03.
BMCS Bruce Bradley will become OIC, CGC GANNET (WPB 87334) this summer.
CAPT James Murray, COMMANDER, GRU WOODS HOLE, will retire on 30 JUN 03 and be replaced by CAPT Judith Keene.
LCDR TC Wiggans is at TRAINING CENTER, YORKTOWN along with LCDR Rick Pineiro.

The MV MARIAH, CAPT WC Nolan, was uncovered on 25 MAR with ADM Linnon, and CAPT Hrusk assisting. BMCM Manny Fillman was AWOL (had to go to school). All four gentlemen recieved RONCG ball caps, w/eggs at appropiate times and places. CAPT Hrusk claimed that the new hat did not help his golf game!

The CGC CHASE reunion will be held in Boston on 08 AUG 03. The web site if you want information, advice, etc. is 718/reunion/html.  

LCDR Jim Andrews, CO, CGC THUNDER BAY was a finalist for the annual CAPT JOHN G. WITHERSPOON AWARD.

An interesting message was recieved from CGC WRANGELL in ME (that's not Maine). The USCG can be proud of the Cutters and their crews over there.

A "support Our Troops" rally was held on Nantucket at Children's Beach on 05 APR in the rain. It was very well attended and well orchestrated.

LCDR Kevin and Lynn Dunn and family visited Nantucket for a coast-to-coast tour on 04 MAY 03. Kevin had many trips here as CO of ADAK but for Lynn, Megan (10), Timothy (7) and Kelly (6), it was a first. Cabin Boy ended up with a War College golf shirt and the 3 youngsters went back on the ferry sporting RONCG ball caps. Kevin is heading for the Pentagon.

E-1 Nemo the Fort Pierce (FL) station dog went AWOL early in May and was missing for a week. When Nemo heard his name on a newscast and then heard CWO4 Hersey's voice, the people who found him knew where he belonged! Nemo had jumped into the water and swam around an electric hidden fence to make his escape. Some people should be so smart...

The Hat Rack recieved hat #737 from BM2 Aaron Pitney; it is a USCG MSD Cincinnati model.

STA BRANT POINT recently aced 2 big inspections; the Group inspection and the STAN team inspection went off without a hitch.

Former lightship NANTUCKET I (WLV 612) entered the 200' limit and tied up at Old North Wharf for a month or more. On the exterior it still looks like a lightship but the interior was gutted and is outstanding. One may charter it for $2,000.00 a day, chef included.

BMCM Jack Downey recently stopped at an Auto Zone store in South Portland (ME) to ask for directions to GROUP PORTLAND. CWO4 (Ret) Dan Coffey was only to glad to help Jack out. They had not seen each other for 10-12 years when they and their families both lived at Otis, and the children played together.

This is the BOUNCE season. Those little white sheets of BOUNCE, the fabric softener, do an outstanding job of repelling biting insects. One sheet, hanging from the back of your hat will do the trick; if you wear shorts, you may need another one tucked in a belt loop or in a shoelace. BOUNCE is known to repell mosquitos, deer flies, green heads, bees, hornets, gnats, no see ums, etc.

BMCS Lucy, OIC, STA BRANT POINT, competed in a ladies pond fishing tournament last weekend and beached a snapping turtle with an estimated weight of 41 pounds. The line was quickly cut.



YN1/SK1 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)