Volume XXVIII, Number 4

May 13, 2002

Daniel F. Kelliher

A very impressive Change of Command was held at STA Brant Point on 26 APR 02 when retiring BMCS Bob Tallman turned over the keys to BMCS Sheila Lucey. A CG helo fly-by, bagpipes and the CGC HAMMERHEAD added to the ceremony much to the delight of the 200+ people present. CAPT Murray taught all hands how to pronounce "Coskata" during his remarks; BMCS Gordie McClay, OIC, HAMMERHEAD, has promised to stick in "Sesachacha Pond" for the next ceremony on Nantucket! BMCS Lucey's door plaque was put in place when nobody was looking, CAPT Murray received his overdue RONCG hat and Mrs. Elizabeth Webster received a Kathy Kelliher oil painting, securely wrapped in a Madaket Millie edition Nantucket Lightship Basket (read: cardboard carrying case).

New units acquired for the Commodores of the Republic of Nantucket Coast Guard include the former STA Brunswick, OIC John Sesta, which is now the RON STA Gnat Bait; the former Rusty Scupper in So. Portland, which is waiting for a RON name (thanks Izzy!); and the former USCG NAVCEN, which is now the RON Naviguesser, CAPT Thomas Rice, CO, who had a lot of help(?) from LT Dan Mades. The Republic of Nantucket Coast Guard now claims 201 former USCG units, 114 off-shore and 87 on-shore.

Recent hats received for The Hat Rack include U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Pierce (CWO4 Hersey), U.S. Coast Guard STA Brunswick and T-shirt (BMC Sesta), U.S. Coast Guard Boston w/anchor (blue) HS1 Khoury), a replacement for the CGC Abbie Burgess hat that Cabin Boy sent to a teacher in Oklahoma who does a unit on Abbie Burgess (YN1 Keppner), USCGC Sumac and keychain of Portland Head Light (CWO4 Coffey), U.S.C.G. Retired hat w/1st class and YN pins (YN1 Keppner) and USCG NAVCEN, ALEXANDRIA VA w/eggs (CAPT Rice) The Hat Rack now totals 720, but it might be 721 - can't always trust computers you know!

CAPT Sue Bibeau is now the Director of Admissions at the USCA and CDR George Rezendes will be retiring out of the USCGA this summer. CDR Rezendes was a student in the Cabin Boy's class the first year that Cabin Boy started teaching!

CDR Marc Woodring of Woody's Tournament will be heading for Juneau, Alaska in the near future.

MK1 Shackle the Dog is now at home on STA Brant Point. Wonder why a BMCS has a MK1 dog?

BM3 Kory Cronin will go back to civilian life on 31 MAY 02, and plans to lateral to MSST. Kory's better half is a CAPT in the USAF! We know who is the boss in that household...

CWO2 Mary Ward at last got her well deserved Madaket Millie Award on 30 APR 02. The ceremony was outstanding (the MC sure had enough time to practice!) and Mary did receive a telephone call from a Rear Admirable Kellner congratulating her. It took her a minute to figure out that the caller really was Cabin Boy and then the tears started again, but they were tears of joy. Mary is due to rotate in FEB 03 and is hoping for an assignment in Florida; she deserves it!

Commodore Kathy and Cabin Boy spent a most enjoyable 6 days Down East recently. The first part of the trip was a lovely visit with CWO4 George and Sharon Basset on the MV Nantucket. The first stop was the former Rusty Scupper for a pre-pre-retirement party where YN1 Izzy Keppner got her retirement door plaque (she's now a YNC, RONCG), a NAC flag (Heh, heh) and a RONCG hat. The loves of her life, Shawn and Matty received NAC golf shirts. CWO4 Mike Munroe (Yankton), and BMC Dick Souza (Yankton) were there and walked out sporting RONCG hats. Mike also got a copy of the Yankton poem, which he promised to copy for Dick. MKC Bryan Bayrd (Brant Point) walked in and couldn't believe his eyes - claimed that Kathy and Cabin Boy were stalking him! Kathy had to introduce Bryan to the others; came all the way from Nantucket to introduce people from Maine to people from Maine! That evening CWO4 Dan and Sue Coffey (White Sage), CWO4 Mike and Sherri Blank (White Sage), Chief Jay and Bette Ann Janson (NAVFAC Nantucket), YNC Izzy and Shawn and Matty, and Kathy and Cabin Boy gathered ar the Saltwater Grille for a most delicious dinner at the pre-retirement party. Dan and Mike received copies of the White Sage poem and they and Jay all received RONCG hats. Dan came in with a White Sage "Auk Su Nai" hat and Cabin Boy had to help him out with the meaning ("So long my friend" in an Eskimo dialect). It was made up for the last trip of White Sage with Bassett's Floating Schoolhouse. Sherri also received a copy of Cabin Boy's "Success = Success" story about successful teaching. Shawn (14) and Matty (12) Keppner were two of the nicest young folks that Cabin Boy has ever met, and he has met some pretty nice ones during his 28 years of teaching. Good job Izzy!

The next morning Kathy and Cabin Boy were supposed to maybe meet a high school classmate of Kathy's at breakfast. Kathy and Sue last saw each other 37 years ago, so it was Cabin Boy who jumped up and said, "Sue, we're over here!" as Sue walked into the restaurant. A mini-reunion and then Kathy and Cabin Boy were off to Rockland and CWO4 Ken Black's Shore Village Museum.

The Shore Village Museum is a must-see for anybody in the Coast Guard and should be mandatory for all black hulled sailors. Ken directed a 2 hour tour which could have gone for two weeks! The book, "We've Been There," was passed on to Ken from Izzy. Kathy and Cabin Boy stopped by the CGC Abbie Burgess but MK2 Dan Feeney was not on board and a note was left for him. Kathy went land hunting and found a 4 acre piece bordering a small river that she liked - maybe... Cabin Boy sat on the deck of the Strawberry Hill Motor Inn evenings, looking out over Vinalhaven Island and Penobscot Bay while reading, "The Original Biography of Abbie Burgess." Most fitting site for reading this book! At breakfast on 06 MAY 02 Kathy enjoyed(?) her first Senior Citizen breakfast at the local Denny's Restaurant; it was her ??th birthday!

CAPT W.E. Nolan (GRU Woods Hole) will have his major surgery on 21 MAY 02, and he sounds real upbeat. We all wish him well and our prayers are with him every day. His home address is 120 Wings Neck Road, Pocasset, MA 02559.

YN1/YNC Izzy DeCelle Keppner's real retirement party will be held on 21 JUN 02.

CDR Doug Russell is on board the CGC Healy in the west Arctic. The web site is for this voyage is

CWO4 George Bassett (Ret), Dockmaaster for the Nantucket Boat Basin, recently needed the loa, draft, width and gross tonnage for the former Lightship Nantucket I. Cabin Boy not only came up with the numbers but he also dropped off a ladies Lightship NAN I jacket for Sharon.


Fair Winds and Following Seas

YN1/SK1 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)