Volume XXVII - No. 11

Monday, August 25, 2003

On 21 AUG 03, CWO Bernie Webber, USCG (Ret) honored STA Brant Point when he, his wife, his daughter and his granddaughter were treated to a ten star lunch. Before lunch Mr. Webber chatted with the STA Brant Point crew and answered many questions about his role in the rescue of 32 men from the broken tanker PENDLETON on 18 FEB 52. The then BM1 Webber and his crew of three set out from STA Chatham in the face of 50-60 foot waves to try and rescue survivors; the first giant waves destroyed their compass and windshield but they chugged on and after locating the stern of PENDLETON, they crammed 32 survivors into CG 36500 . How BM1 Webber ever found his way back into Chatham's Old Harbor is anybody's guess, but local knowledge and the Man up-stairs had a lot to do with it. To get the whole story get a hold of a copy of CHATHAM "THE LIFEBOATMEN" by Bernard C. Webber; it is an outstanding read.

CAPT Thomas Rice retired at Alexandria, VA 0n 16 JUN.

CAPT James Murray retired as Commander, Group Woods Hole on 30 JUN and is now teaching math at the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, RI. RADM John Linnon and many others were on hand to say "Auk Su Nai" at STA Brant Point on 05 JUN, prior to his official retirement. Rose and Steve Maijor put on a outstanding lunch for the STA Brant Point celebration.

BMCS Bruce Bradley took command of USCGC GANNET on 21 AUG in Fort Lauderdale FL.

CDR James McPherson took command of USCG ESCANABA on 08 AUG, in Boston, MA.

MCPOCG Vince Patton (Ret) officiated at the Memorial Service for Jim Gill.

CWO4 Rick "Crash" Hersey retired from STA Fort Pierce, FL on 20 AUG. The "Crash" has nothing to do with his 32 years of pristine service in the USCG, but has a lot to say about his snow skiing skills. His relief was CWO James Mullinax. The Republic of Nantucket was well represented by CWO Mary Ward, CO, STA Port Canaveral/RONCG Space Station, and LCDR Dan "Ahoy" Mades. LCDR Mades recently transferred to HDQ and can't find the thermostat for the A/C.

BMC Chris Flavell retired as OIC STA Provincetown and is now the Harbormaster in Provincetown.

Your Commodores are still waiting for a Republic of Nantucket Coast Guard name from LCDR Tom Wiggans at TC Yorktown.

CAPT Choate Budd sent his friends Don & Shelby Scott and Herb & Jan Speer to the Republic of Nantucket for a coast to coast tour on 05 JUN. They not only got the tour but saw a deer and ospreys feeding during the tour.

BMC Cutter the Dog met Mac the Knife on 21 AUG to have a growth removed from an eye lid. Chief Cutter is doing well and is again running the Republic of Nantucket's South Shore Command.

The Nantucket Life-Saving Museum had their 8th Annual Life-Savers Recognition Day on 02 AUG and honored the crew at STA Brant Point.

Word has been received that the newest Coast Guard city is Wilmington, NC. Wonder what happened to the old one(s)?

Isabelle Marie Palmisano weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz., good for 1830 points in the Woody's Tournament. BMCS Sheila Lucey scored 640 points with her 40 lb. yellowfin tuna, caught on FATAL ATTRACTION, CWO4 George Bassett, CO.

The Hat Rack received hat #738, USCGC ACUSHNET, WMEC 167, from CAPT Choate Budd.

The Maine E-7, E-8, E-9 club had a picnic in Scarborough, ME on 11 JUL. Skip & Linda Crowley, Izzy Keppner  and Jay & Bette Janson were reported to have been on hand for the steaks and lobsters. I bet there were many others there too.

An article about Lee Marvin, Mr. Rogers and CAPT Kangaroo being WW II war heroes is not true. At least Buth O'Hare was for real.

BMCM Bob Taliaferro (former OIC POINT TURNER), (Ret), recently had open heart surgery, and he is doing very well. His e-mail address is: The v  after dotbob is not my typo.

A picture of former USCGC BITTERSWEET has been mailed to USCGC GRAND ISLE to be used in a retirement ceremony.

LT Chris Barrows, CO, USCGC WRANGELL, was recently awarded a Bronze Star.  Wow!


YN1/SK1 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)