Volume XXVIII, Number 6

August 4, 2002


The Gold Medal crew of CG 36500 and 1 Pendelton crewman celebrated the 50th anniversary of the rescue in May.

BM2 Kory Cronin is or is going to be a PS2 and is hoping to be a recruiter in Boston or on Cape Cod.

LT Paul and Melissa Wolf who were married in the lantern room at Great Point Light in 1994 now have 2 children, Gwen and Liam. Paul is with DEA and is a LT in the USCGR.

LCDR Jim Andrews (CO, Thunder Bay) and his bride welcomed a new (LCDR?) Jim Andrews in May. Grandpa LCDR Jim Andrews (USCG, Ret) must be very proud.

The SSA MV Flying Cloud "found" some rocks in Nantucket Harbor and the Brant Point 47' MLB went to the rescue.

LORSTA Nantucket displayed a HUGE American flag on their flagpole over Memorial Day. It looked great!

The NG MP's who were providing security at Nantucket Memorial Airport departed here 17 MAY 02 and after a bit of training at Fort Drum, NY, are now in Afghanistan at Kandahar Airport. The young men from the 772nd MP Co did a nice job here.

BM1 Ken Grande and family were burned out of their quarters at Gouin Village in May. The Nantucket Fire Dept. did a great job and BM1 Ken and family received an outpouring of help from all parts of the Nantucket community and the FIGAWI Race Committee. BM1 Ken and family are now at Cape May, NJ.

CAPT Bill and Bette Ann Nolan, BMCM Manny Fillman, and Kathy and Cabin Boy Kelliher are planning a cruise to Nantucket on 20 AUG 02.

MKCS Duke Dawicki is serving in the Republic of Georgia training their CG with the two 82' PB's they received.

YN1/SK1 Cabin Boy came up with two reserved seating tickets to the 2002 Nantucket High School graduation, but the BMCM who pleaded for them never showed up to use them...

A STAN team visited STA Brant Point early in JUN and they were impressed with The Hat Rack. They were also impressed with STA Brant Point!

CDR Marc Woodring of Woody's Tournament recently drove from Key West to Alaska with his family, and his family is still intact! The Woodring's are building a house up there and plan to live in it when Woody retires. He did send a package to The Hat Rack with six hats (five keepers, one trader). They are J.I.A.T.F., Key West, FL; USCG 7TH DISTRICT LEGAL OFFICE; ARV "PIGARGO", PG-410; USCGC KEY LARGO, WPB 1324, W/EGGS; and USCG Group Key West. The number is now 726. THE USCGC Thetis hat was the trader.

The Great Pirate War happened 19 years ago on 08 JUN 83. My, how time flies!

On 10 JUN 02 the former USCGC Barracuda became the RONC First Fish, compliments of BMCS Bruce Bradley, OIC. Their RONC First Fish wall plaque was received on 02 JUL.

STA Brant Point rolled out the red carpet for 12 year old Erick Mansfield, his brother Matt and Grandpa Russ early in JUN. Erick has already made up his mind that he going in the Coast Guard when he graduates from high school. Of course, Grandpa Russ would like to lead Erick to the USCG Academy, so a tour of the Academy is in the planning stages for sometime soon.

RADM (D1) Crea made a quick visit to the Republic of Nantucket on 13 JUN, but didn't have time for the Ring Game. Maybe she and ADM Collins can come visit together and try to win back their Commands.

The former Brandi Conley is now Mrs. Richard Cherkauer and they are now stationed in Grand Haven MI.

USCGC Wrangell aka RONC Brrr welcomed summer on Nantucket. LT Barrows did not win back his Command (5-1, 5-1 for Cabin Boy) and LTjg Seal also tried and did better but still fell 5-2 on the Ring Game. They did leave a Wrangell hat, and along with a MSO Providence hat, a Katmai Bay hat (BM3 Chris Digaetano, Brant Point), and a Republic of Nantucket Coast Guard hat w/eggs, the count is now 730.

STA Chatham has a new CG 320500 Halmatic self righting, rigid inflatable, w/twin 300 HP water jets, which does 32+ knots and has a 120 NM range at 30 knots.

The Nantucket USCG Auxiliary was commissioned on 29 JUN 02 at STA Brant Point. CAPT Murray was the keynote speaker.

The former USCGC Bonito is now the RONC Bonito Express, BMCM Craig Carter, OIC.

STA Brant Point honored the Nantucket Fire Department and the Harbormaster (CWO4 Dave Fronzuto, USCG Ret) and his crew on 16 JUL 02. The Fire Department's efforts were mentioned above, while the Harbormaster's crew rescued a group of adults and children whose boat bonded with the eastern jetty. One of the adults had a leg cast on from another incident earlier.

Seamond Ponsart Roberts, who was watching from Cuttyhunk Island with her lighthouse keeper Dad when the Vineyard Sound Lightship went down, will be dropping in with the Flying Santa via helo this coming December.

STA Fort Pierce aka RON STA Port Fierce SARed 4 men who were in the water and surrounded by sharks, in July.

ETC John Dreger will retire at a Change of Command on 13 SEP 02, at LORSTA Nantucket. The new OIC will be ETC Martin Hazeltine.

LCDR Dan Mades became a LCDR on 01 AUG 02. CDR Dan Pippenger (former CO, Pt Bonita/Proud Mary IV) is CO at MSO/Group Portland, OR

STA Brant Point celebrated the USCG birthday on 01 AUG. Different crewmembers produced their favorite recipes (from Mom?) and the large crowd of friends and neighbors dug right in. A good time was had by all!

The crew at STA Brant Point received the Proud Mary IV Award for their work during the 34th Annual Nantucket Anglers' Club Billfish Tournament. They volunteered to man the NAC radio during fishing hours, since Cabin Boy's doctor told him not to strain his voice. That was a nice way to tell him to shut up.

To anyone with a biting insect problem: Attach a sheet of BOUNCE to your hat, shirt, etc. about 10-15 minutes before you venture out to where the mosquitos, gnats, deer flies, horse flies, black flies, greenheads, etc. are. Cabin Boy  has been mowing the old cow pastures, hay fields, paths through the woods, etc. that he mows every summer since 15 JUN and he has not yet been bitten once! He hangs one sheet from the back of his hat and for good luck, he tucks another under the band of his wrist watch. In years past he would go through 8-12 cans of insect repellent and still get bitten if he didn't respray every two hours. BOUNCE is the stuff people put in driers when they are drying their laundry (fabric softener?).

Fair winds and following seas,


YN1/SK1 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)