Daniel F. Kelliher

Wed, 17 Oct 2001


Because Units e-mails addresses change with every transfer, the RONCG News will also be posted at

The Great Point Light was lit at the Nantucket Lifesaving Museum on 11 AUG 01. The top was salvaged when the lighthouse toppled down upon itself on 29 MAR 84 and was rebuilt with a short rubble stone tower. It looks real good.

Folks that attended CAPT Webster's Change of Command on 27 JUL 01 that were overlooked in a previous message included CAPT Bud Breault, CAPT Dan May, BMCS Harold Flagg, and CAPT Blaine Horrocks.

CAPT Bill and Bette Ann Nolan rented a 46' canal boat in France for 2 weeks in SEP. The Kellihers were supposed to meet them in Adge, France on 23 SEP 01 for wine. Adge is a 100% nudist town. Of course we didn't make it.

LCDR John Metcalf sent hat #706 back to Nantucket with his father; it reads USCG FD & CC PAC, SEATTLE, WA.

MCPO Vince Patton received his Cutterman's pin onboard USCGC MAKO on 17 AUG 01. It was presented to him by QMCM Bill James, Officer in Charge.

The former USCGC CHINOOK is now the RONCGC RIGID FLEXIBILITY thanks to LT(jg) Joe Vealencis, CO.

The former USCGC METOMPTIN is now the RONCGC CONCH REPUBLIC thanks to CWO Kevin Coyne, CO.

The newly formed USCG AUX, Nantucket SARed a sailboat with a broken mast on 01 SEP 01.

A B-17, B-24 and P-51 were open for inspection at Nantucket Memorial Airport on 06-08 SEP 01. They're amazing!

To follow the drug war via Dateline, log onto and follow the NBC Dateline link.

CDR Doug Russell was at the North Pole onboard USCGC HEALY on 10 SEP 01, the 92nd anniversary of ADM Peary's flight over the pole.

The gravesite of Lighthouse Keeper Ida Lewis has been cleaned up and restored by the crew of USCGC IDA LEWIS.

USCG STA BRANT POINT locked the gates on 11 SEP 01 and hung an Anerican flag on historic Brant Point Lighthouse.

BMCM Jack "Grandpa" Downey has been on Nantucket twice recently to visit Heather's addition to the Downey clan.

At 1907 hours on 22 SEP 01, Kathy Kelliher stood a fresh egg on end, and it stayed there for almost 12 hours.

Kory Cronin, late of STA BRANT POINT, and now a college student in the southwest, thought he had been activated when he read a letter from his USCG Reserve Unit. After packing up, etc., did he bother to read the fine print! Not yet...

The USCGA Class of '61 had a reunion at the Nantucket Lifesaving Museum on 27 SEP 01. The Hat Rack was a big hit.

DC1 Pete Hooper came up with hat #707, which reads USCG MARINE SAFETY DET., KETCHIKAN, ALASKA.

PAC Greg Creedon (ret) was on-island 29 SEP 01 to put his Codfish Park house to bed for the winter and before the next No-Name Nor'easter.

USCG STA BRANT POINT have a new 47' MLB at their pier and are busy getting the crews qualified to operate it.

MST3 Rich Cherkauer and former BM3 Brandi Conley have set a wedding date for NOV 02. Rich is stationed at the USCGA and received his bushel of opened Nantucket Bay Scallops (for hat #700) on 12 OCT 01.

The Mass. National Guard MP's have moved into the Nantucket House (the morale unit at LORSTA NANTUCKET) for the next six months as they help secure Nantucket Memorial Airport. They are working 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

The former LT Dan Mades is now LCDR Dan Mades!

As the fishing year draws to a close, The Woody's Tournament is headed by YN2/SK2 Dan Kelliher with 6,487 points, followed by LCDR Rick Pineiro (4,608 pts.), CWO Tim Mooney (2235.8 pts.) DC1 Pete Hooper (1,785 pts.) and Woody, Mary Ward, Rick Hersey and 35,000 others all tied with 00,000.0 points.