Volume XXVIII, Number 7

October 18, 2002

BMC Ralph Sargent, USCG (Ret), passed over the bar on 26 JUL 02. Chief Sargent served from 1941 to 1968. His last command was as Officer in Charge of the USCGC POINT BONITA.

ETCM Dave Pouler visited the Republic of Nantucket in early August and mentioned that his boss, LCDR Newton, former CO of USCGC NANTUCKET, is looking forward to a visit.

BMCM Craig Carter, OIC, USCGC BONITO (WPB 87341) sent along hat #731 for The Hat Rack, along with a T-shirt that has a misspelled word on it.

BMCS Mike Coe (Ret) was in Boston during August doing a RHI class for the SPENCER crew. He did meet BMC(?) Gary Hillman, who is a former XPO at STA BRANT POINT.

CDR Marc Woodring has roared into a record setting lead in the Woody's Tournament with 33,840 points. Guess being stationed in Alasaka must agree with him!

CWO Mary Ward, with Jim and Bill, were seen relaxing at the Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands on 10 AUG.

LCDR Dan Mades and family sent word that they made it to the top of Mount Washington in August (before the snow).

CDR Pam Russell and daughters Caitlin and Shannon, along with ETC Marty and Chris Hazeltine joined Commodore Kathy and Cabin Boy on 29 AUG 02 for lunch at the Nantucket Anglers' Club. CDR Pam and Chief Marty were stationed together way back when (maybe Group Woods Hole?).

The former MSO-GROUP PORTLAND (OR) is now the RON GROUP PROUD MARY IV.1. CDR Dan Pippenger also sent along hat #732 w/eggs. CDR Dan is a former CO, POINT BONITA/PROUD MARY IV.

CAPT Nolan's trip to Nantucket with BMCM Manny Fillman (Ret) and Cabin Boy has been put off until the summer of 2003.

Cabin Boy "found" Dave Curreri wandering around the A&P parking lot on 04 SEP 02. He and his son were moving a boat.

The ex-LIGHTSHIP NANTUCKET (LV 112/WLV 534) is now at the National Lighthouse Museum in New York.

PAC Greg Creedon (Ret) may be moving back to Nantucket soon. Chief Greg used to be on the staff of THE FIRST WORD.

BMCS Dave Candee is OIC at STA POINT JUDITH and was looking after CG 36500 in early September.

A B-17, B-24 and P-51 visited Nantucket Airport 08-10 SEP 02. Cabin Boy took a ride on the B-17.

BM1 Karl Beeman is the new XPO at STA BRANT POINT.

A CG Falcon fly by signaled the start of a Change of Command at LORSTA Nantucket. ETC John Dreger also retired and was replaced by ETC Martin (Marty) Hazeltine on 13 SEP 02. Good show, and the food was great!

SR Nemo, the STA FORT PIERCE dog has had his ups and downs lately. First he was busted to SR, put on restriction and given extra duty. He behaved and was then frocked to BM1, but alas, he went AWOL to the Inlet Marina to be with his fan club. Yes, Nemo is once again a SR!

BMCM Jack Downey had the CG 36500 at the Coast Guard Academy for a few days in September.

Chief Bill and Janet Long, USN (Ret) visited Nantucket during August, and Chief Jay and Bette Ann Janson, USN (Ret) were here for three weeks in September-October.  Both Chiefs were stationed at NAVFAC Nantucket and stole (married) one each of our lovely young ladies. It was good to see all of them.

The recreational cottages that MWR takes care of can be found at

BMCM Jack Downey was supposed to bring CG 36500 to Nantucket but got weathered out (try telling that to BMC Bernie Webber!). Cabin Boy had to eat CAPT Jack's Nantucket Bay Scallops while they were still fresh. BMCS Shiela Lucey did bring CG 36500 to Nantucket about a week ago. That, and daughter Heather's marriage intentions in the paper, will get CAPT Jack over here before you know it.

Kory Cronin and family (wife and a dog who hates riding in a car) left San Antonio TX on 09 OCT 02, heading for Townsend MA.
Kory was formerly stationed at STA BRANT POINT.

The former USCGC MORAY visited the Republic recently and left as the RONC TERMINATOR. BMCM Rahilly did leave a MORAY hat for The Hat Rack (#733) and left with a RONCG ball cap and an Anglers' Club flag. BMCS Lucey also got a POINT JUDITH hat (#734) out of CG 36500; BMCS Candee sent it over.

MCPOCG Frank Welch stepped into his new job on 10 OCT 02.

Commodore Kathy took Cabin Boy along for her ?? high school reunion in Connecticut recently. As they were driving through Uncasville CT lo and behold, there were two wild turkeys on the side of the road. CAPT Mark Fisher, USCG (Ret), have you and your lovely wife moved back to Uncasville?

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Fair winds and following seas,


YN1/SK1 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)