November 5, 2003

BMCM Jack Downey, USCG Academy, has been selected to receive the Joshua James Keeper Award. As a past winner of the Douglas Munro Award and knowing the Master Chief's past record, this is not a surprise to the many people who know him.

The Station Brant Point 21' RHIB picked 4 people off the east jetty in Nantucket Harbor on 22 AUG. The 58' Viking Fjord went up high and dry on the rocks after dark, with 20 knot winds. There was no way the 4 people could have walked to the beach as there is a break in the east jetty which allows small boats to exit the harbor into the Chord of the Bay. Two local "pros" were amazed at the boat handling skills of the Station Brant Point crew.

CAPT Russ Webster (Ret) is now working in security at Boston's Logan International Airport.

CDR Doug and CDR Pam Russell are now at HDQ in Washington, DC.

BMCM Craig Carter retired off the CGC BONITO on 10 OCT. The new OIC is BMCM Scott Hall.

PO2 Aaron Pitney left Cincinnati for Galveston on 10 OCT.

MS Sally Snowman is the new keeper at historic Boston Light. It is the only non-automated Lighthouse.

CWO Donald Bangs (Ret) passeed over the bar on 20 SEP. Mr. Bangs was underway on CG 36383 during the SS PENDLETON/SS FORT MERCER disaster on 18-19 FEB 52.

Tim Phillips, CGA 1961, passed over the bar on 07 OCT. Tim was a co-founder of the Nantucket AUX.

CAPT Mark Fisher (Ret) took his wife clamming on their wedding anniversary on 06 SEP. Wow!

The first CGC Chase reunion, held in Boston 08-10 AUG was an outstanding success. Any past or present CHASE crew members interested in next year's reunion log onto, and Lisa Brown ('82-'84) will help you out.

An unnamed LCDR buried his SUV on the beach in 'Sconset, in the same spot where CAPT Conaway (USA) buried on a year earlier. Too much air in the tires.

The cutters TOHOMA and CAMPBELL recently joined the RELIANCE at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

LCDR Rick Pineiro recently sent a box of Coast Guard balls caps for Cabin Boy's Hat Rack. Hat #750 is worth a catch of Nantucket Bay Scallops, opened and delivered.

BMCM Manny Fillman is now a Master 200 Domestic Tonnage and 500 IFC Tonnage.

Recent visitors at the MWR Nantucket Moral House include LT Herb Eggert & family (USCGA), LT (jg) Patti Brady & friends (NAPS), Chief Jay Janson & Bette Ann (USN Ret), YN Jeff Lawley & friends, and a bunch of Army, Air Force and Marine visitors.

An Air Guard Sky Crane helo picked up the NB buoy from the beach at Coatue where it had been since Memorial Day. The NB buoy was quickly replaced after it broke free and the rescued NB buoy was carried off  to Off-Island to be rehabbed after spending more than 4 months on the beach.

BMCS Sheila Lucey, OIC, Station Brant Point, recently had a cook-out for some friends and crew at her quarters. After a most delicious meal, MK1 Shackle the Dog walked into the living room at 2100 hours with a pillow in his mouth. I think he was telling us that it was time to go home so he could get some sleep.

Jack from was scheduled to visit the Republic of Nantucket on 14 OCT but less than nice weather cancelled the ferries. Oh well, maybe next year.

To date, the leaders in the Woody's Fishing Tournament are: CWO Tim Mooney (Ret), 4719.2 points; BMCS Sheila Lucey, Station Brant Point, 3116.0 points; and YN1/SK1 Dan Kelliher (Hon), 2640.0 points.

Mr. Donald Rumsfeld recently made some very unwise comments about the USCG. Maybe he should read up on QM2 Douglas Munro, USCG, Medal of Honor WW II; and then check more recent events like LT Chris Barrows, CO, CGC WRANGELL (Bronze Star); and CAPT Scott Genovese, CO, CGC Boutwell (Bronze Star). Mr. Rumsfeld could also check out the new Maritime Safety & Security Team, MSST 91110, which is headed by CAPT Dan May in Boston. Bet there were/are some armed military things involved...


Fair Winds & Following Seas,

YN1/SK1 Dan Kelliher, USCG (Hon)

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