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Sunday 9 December 2001

Commodore Kathy, BMC Cutter the Dog and YN2/SK2 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher wish one and all happy, safe and healthy Holidays.

Former Codfish Park, Nantucket resident (since 1940), Jerry Radloff was awarded an Honorary Coast Guard Certificate from MCPOCG Vince Patton during the USCG Lightship Sailors Association Reunion held 04-06 OCT 01.. In JUL 01 Jerry was the guest speaker at the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum; his talk was titled, "Lightships, Past and Present."

BMCS Sheila Lucey will take the reins as OIC STA Brant Point this coming spring.    WELCOME ABOARD!

BMCM Jack Downey was  TAD to Hammerhead this fall for about 30 days. His replacement was BMCS Gordie McClay, who, like Senior Chief Lucey, was a "student" of  Master Chief Downey in days gone by. No wonder the Master Chief is teaching at the United States Coast Guard Academy.

A memorial service was held on 27 OCT 01 for the late Marine Artist John Austin. Many Coast Guard Cutters and Coast Guard homes proudly display John's paintings. STA Brant Point had an impressive Color Guard at the service while BMCM Downey, BMCS Lucey, BMCS McClay and YN2/SK2 Kelliher were in the church. When the crew of a Cutter wanted to purchase one of John's paintings for a departing CO/OIC John would ask Cabin Boy how many guys were in the crew, and then charge them $5.00 or $10.00 per crew member for the painting. Not a bad deal considering two of his paintings went for $27,000.00 and $34,000.00 at the estate auction of Jackie O...

Cabin Boy started driving a taxi on 30 OCT 01, the day before the 10th anniversary of the 1991 No-Name NorEaster. One of his first customers was MKCM Tim Pitts who came over to Nantucket to survey a damaged small boat. Not only did the Master Chief do a thorough survey, but he also offered the boat owner several safety and maintenence tips. Very impressive!

A Tulsa Oklahoma teacher who teaches a unit on Abbie Burgess has received an Abbie Burgess hat to use as a visual when doing her unit. That leaves a blank spot in The Hat Rack, but education is still Cabin Boy's #1 priority.

New hats received include Sixty One, Never Outdone w/Eagle from Tim Phillips (USCGA '61), and 125 Years Developing Leaders of Character w/CGA Seal (CDR Finton, USCGA). They are numbers 708 and 709.

CWO4 George Bassett (Ret) and his beautiful bride Sharon celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on 11 NOV 01. George's oldest daughter Frances set it all up and did an outstanding job.

Cabin Boy took members of the STA Brant Point crew out into the wilderness (on Nantucket?) several times during NOV to collect truck loads of grape vines and greens for the large Christmas wreath that graces Brant Point Light. It was up before the Christmas Stroll (Crawl?) and looks great. The crew had to completely rebuild the wreath. They also did an outstanding job with their Main Street Christmas tree which had the tree coming out of the mouth of a very large striped bass, with a USCG anchor acting as the hook. They were awarded a blue ribbon (first place) for their tree. Good job, well done!

One of the activated National Guard MPs providing security at Nantucket Memorial Airport has already signed up to go in the Coast Guard when his tour at the airport is over. He is a SGT in the NG and a police officer in civilian life and was told that he would be assigned to a PSU unit after training. He is a college grad and plans to apply for OCS. Maybe Cabin Boy should become a recruiter?

The American Legion delivered hot turkey dinners to the MPs at the airport on Thanksgiving Day at high noon. Nice touch! A group of people in Mashpee are planning to send them Holiday baskets for the Holiday season; another nice touch...

BMCS Sheila Lucey's Change of Command at ANT Woods Hole is scheduled for 26 APR 02.

STA Brant Point's MLB47269 delivered Santa Claus and his Elves to the Nantucket Boat Basin during the Christmas Stroll. Santa was then picked by a horse and buggy for the ride up Main Street. Talk about different centuries...    Brant Point Light was also open to the public during the Christmas Stroll week end.

Santa Claus won't have any problem finding LORSTA Nantucket on Christmas Eve. Chief Dreger and DC1 Hooper and families have done an outstanding job in lighting up the LORSTA at their quarters. Cabin Boy thinks that Summer Hooper, Dan's lovely young daughter did most of the work at both houses.

LT Bill Stuckey, former QMC/XPO Cape Horn (Proud Mary III) , found Cabin Boy and told him that the hats, "...are in the mail." LT Stuckey also informed Cabin Boy that a former shipmate of his on Proud Mary III (former Cape Horn), FN Jeff Pallazo, got out of the Coast Guard and was a member of the NYFD, and is MIA at the World Trade Center. If Jeff had a family they are more than welcome to come and stay with the Kellihers at the time of their choice, at no cost to them. Time to go as my eyes are all wet and it is getting hard to see.


YN2/SK2 Dan Kelliher