April 6, 2001

We all mourn the loss of BM2 Scott Chism and SN Chris Ferreby on the Niagara River; a terrible tragedy!

On a brighter note, CSC Eracleo Alimpolo, USCG (Ret) will be 103 years young on 22 APR 01. If you wish, you may send him a card at:

CSC Eracleo Alimpolo, USCG (Ret)
c/o 200 1st Avenue West, Suite 308
; Seattle, WA 98119

BMC Mark Mello is XPO at STA Fort Pierce, FL. His Dad, BMC Tony Mello (Ret) was the OIC at STA Cape Cod Canal not too long ago. BMC Mark Mello recently spent 6 weeks with BMCM Jack Downey at the CGA/CPO training site in New London, CT.

Hats off to the 20 year CG Vet who saved 2 CG flags from being stolen/burned during the Inagural Parade on 20 JAN 01.

DC1 Pete and YN2 Denyell Hooper recently (08 JAN) welcomed Brynn Desmond Hooper into the world. Brynn weighed in at 7 lbs. 7.0 oz., worth 1,785 points in the Woody's Tournament.

Unit Commendations were recently presented to STA Cape Cod Canal, STA Chatham, STA Woods Hole, Air Station Cape Cod, USCGC Hammerhead, and the NE Fisheries Training Center for their outstanding performances during the Tall Ship transit of the Cape Cod Canal during JUL 00.

LCDR Rick Pineiro, USCG Base, GANTSEC,  PR, weighed in a 48 lb. dolphin on 09 FEB, which vaults him to first place in the Woody's Tournament with 4,608 points. Cabin Boy is in 3rd place with 860 points.

CDR DeCola (ATON Boston) and his lovely wife are expecting their first addition during MAY 01. Count backwards and it will be 9 months since they enjoyed a vacation at Nantucket House (the moral quarters at LOR STA Nantucket).

Bill Punnett presented The Hat Rack with a USCGC YEATON, WMEC 156, hat which is six hundred and ninety something in the collection. The "something" is highly classified in order to keep a level playing field for the 700th hat and a bounty of Nantucket Bay Scallops. The scallop season is over for now but will open up again 01 OCT 01.   

Dan and Meany Jeanne Feeney have STA Brant Point on their dream sheet. Dan was quartered at the Anglers' Club (along with the rest of the crew) during the No-Name storm of 91. He later re-upped at the Anglers' Club. For her efforts, Jeanne was presented with the B, B, B  Award while they were here last (B=think female dog).

CWO Doug Cooper really has retired and informed me that Yeaton was the first officer in the Revenue Marine Service.

STA Brant Point again took over the Anglers' Club on 07 MAR 01 as high, really high tides threatened their home base.

CWO Mary Ward graced the Republic after CWO school and before heading back to the former GANTSEC, PR. She lost not only GANTSEC on the ring game but also handed over STA Honolulu. They are now known as RON SEC Alud and RON STA Mau Loii. She did leave with a replacement Kathy Kelliher painting (the first evaporated in the move from STA Brant Point to STA Honolulu) and a new PFD. The sky cried as Mary boarded the airplane at the airport.

A USCGC Nantucket life ring was recently spotted in St. Martins.

A great new book is LIFEBOAT SAILORS by Dr. Dennis Noble, who is a retired Senior Chief. Once you open it up, it is very hard to put down; Cabin Boy has been hearing these same stories for years and now they are in print.

The hardware for a world class ring game was shipped to LCDR Pineiro and CWO Ward on 03 APR 01 so they can practice, practice, and then practice some more. Both are former XPO's at STA Brant Point and they didn't practice while they were here!

CGC Chinook recently were presented with two Special Operations ribbons for their work during the EgyptAir 990 disaster and OPSAIL NY 00. They tried to stop by to say hello but duty called.

Kathy and Cabin Boy recently visited Bermuda and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and St. Davids Lighthouse are both in great shape. The biggest surprise was the Commisioner's Mansion at the Dockyard. For almost 20 years we have watched the snail-like progress on its restoration and figured we'd never live long enough to see it done. It's not quite done but we were able to enter and look around both floors - the workmanship is outstanding! A real treat. Also gammed with the SV Endevour, a summer visitor to Nantucket. However, this summer they sailing across the Atlantic for some sort of ocean sail boat reunion.

Fair winds and following seas,

YN2/SK2 Dan "Cabin Boy" Kelliher, USCG (Hon)