By Roberto Prinselaar


I have sailed the mighty Oceans
Weathered many a raging storm
I have seen so many places
Not a one of them my home

I have served on ships of battle
Helped to feed the cannons roar
Watched the fallen slide forever
Through the sea to ocean floor

I've seen the red of flowing lava
I've seen the ice break on our bow
I've seen Fakirs do their magic
To this day I don't know how

I have been in Buddhist temples
Saw old tribesmen paint their face
Saw more war in parts of Asia
I was glad to leave that place

I've shook with fever from Malaria
I've also frozen in the night
When an icefloe broke our mooring
And I yearned for morning light

In bars from here to other places
I've been drunk, and laughed, and fought
Yes, I've truly been a Sailor
And it's the world that I've been taught


LCDR Bob Prinselaar, USCG (Ret) has a website which contains this poem and several others. 


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