Sailor Mom

by Dolly Juhlin

Today men do not have the exclusive right to go to sea....


  • My mom was gone to sea a lot

    Some say that wasn't good

    She left us on the beach with Dad

    And he did the best he could.


    Dad was great at lots of things

    but cooking wasn't one

    We ate fish sticks and pizza lots

    but we still had lots of fun


    My friends at school said we were odd

    That Mom's should stay ashore

    But if they could see my mama's eyes

    They'd know what she sailed for.


    The ocean's called her name for years

    And to the sea she sailed

    The stories she told of wild storms

    to thrill us they never failed.


    My mommy was a sailor

    Yes, I know it's not quite normal

    But I'd rather have a salty mom

    Then one who wears a formal.


    My mommy served her country

    and she's followed her roving heart

    she married my Dad so it's ok

    he did the stay at home part.


    I love my mom an awful lot

    And my Dad is glad he got her

    My mommy was a sailor

    And I'm a sailor's daughter.


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