Updated Friday, April 21, 2000



·        1964 Alaska Earthquake Radio Traffic - Contributed by John Smith – [8,993 words]

·        A Beer Urge And A 9mm Nudge by Joe Rush - [1577 words] - Some people live and learn, some just live, and some are just inordinately lucky.

·        A Coast Guard Loran Station by Ken Smith - [855 words] - A Coast Guard without 40 footers, foghorns and dramatic rescues.   

·        A Day Away from the Paperwork by Jeff Lindstrom - [541 words] - It was a beautiful day for a boat ride .............

·        A Nickname is Born by Joe Morales - [140 words] - Minor goofs that follow you throughout your career.

·        A Surfman's Lament - Author Unknown - Contributed by CBM(L) Mawood Boole USCG (ret) and Richard L. Chenery III - [932 words] A distant echo from WWII.



·        A Surfman's Short Story by William L. Andres - [ 379 words] - A short story consisting of two letters, probably handwritten.

·        A Surprise Meeting by Jack Eckert - [597 words] - One surprise leads to another.

·        A Trip In Time - Revisiting Your Military Experience ©by Jim Ure - [2824 words] - A reporter goes back to his Alameda Boot Camp days and other Coast Guard experiences in the Bay Area.

·        And Yet They Went - by Dennis L. Noble - [714 words] - A Tribute To The men and Women of the Quillayute River Station.

·        Arrividerci by John R. Smith - [1065 words] - Memories of the sunken Andrea Doria influence the author to join the CG.

·        Camel Adrift by Donald Gardner - [255 words] - Nautical terminology befuddles a boot radioman.





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