"This tale is nothing that is dramatic but it is an interesting thing the air station used to do in Brooklyn."

When CGAS Brooklyn played Santa

By Jerold L.(Jerry)Wanek

In the early 60's Brooklyn had an HTL Bell Helicopter that was used for Port Security Patrol which was all it could really be used for as it was a little two man helo with a plexiglass nose and doors. The doors could be taken off during warm weather flying.

During the weeks that approached Christmas, a set of wooden antlers about three feet wide were installed on both sides of the Cockpit. A nice piece of work I might add by the carpenters who cut them out and painted them brown. Then a large pair of eyes, a big round red nose and a large smiling mouth were painted on the glass front of the Bell. When the Bell made it's twice daily Port Security Flight up the East River, around the northern end of Manhattan, and back south down the Hudson River-- if anyone on the ground looked real close, they would be able to see either the Pilot or observer crewman was none other than Jolly Old Santa Claus himself sporting his traditional Red Suit, White Beard, and Red Stocking Cap.

I never knew how many years that tradition carried on or how many different CG Helicopter Pilots and Crewmen filled in for Old St. Nick and wore that familiar Red Santa Uniform.

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