"Sinbad" Has a Snoot Full

By Otto Freytag

So What Else is New .....

Reading recent stories about "Sinbad," the famous Coast Guard dog of WW II fame, reminds me of a story.

I was stationed in Boston on the USCGC TAMPA from February 1944 to July 1945 on escort and convoy duty. My wife and I lived on Commonwealth Avenue and we were familiar with Scollay Square.

While I was at sea, my wife had been shopping one afternoon in Scollay Square and saw Sinbad sitting on a park bench as a Navy man petted him and tried to get him to come along with him. A Marine also tried to get him to go along with them. Sinbad would let them pet him but wouldn’t move. My wife called out "Sinbad," and he came over to her. While she petted him, he sniffed her hand. She noticed that he seemed to have a snoot full, so she asked, "Do you want to go home?"

Sinbad walked with her about five blocks to the Boston Commons taxi stand, where she told a driver she would pay the fare if he would take Sinbad to the Navy Yard.

The driver waved the money off and said, "Thanks ma’am, I’ll take him back—the quartermaster of the watch will pay me." She patted Sinbad on the head and he jumped into the cab.

What puzzles me is this: Sinbad would never go with anyone who wasn’t a Coastie? He didn’t have to be from Sinbad’s ship—only in the Coast Guard. Sinbad went with my wife but not the others. How did he know my wife was married to a Coastie?

I hope there is an ex-CAMPBELL Coastie who could tell the story of Sinbad ashore in Greenland when he arrived at the pier just as the CAMPBELL was backing and turning, and how he just flew off the end of the pier and started swimming after ship.

The Skipper, who saw all of this, turned to the Exec and said, "we might as well hold our Man Overboard drill right now."

My story is second-hand and I would like to get the full story from a crewmember.

* * * *

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