By Richard G. Fleming


Oh to be out riding a wave, body surfing is what I crave

It's 2 to 3 at Makapuu' we can go ride them me and you

The waves will pound us along the shore

When we get tired we'll go back for more

And after our session of getting pounded is through

We'll go to Mooses like we always do

We'll order ice teas and suck em' down fast

Because before you know it happy hours past

Then we'll head for our bikes across the street

Rev up the engines can you feel the heat

Twist on the throttle, which supplies the gas

To get us past cars that we have to pass

Up ahead we see a light

It's time to pull over Zippy's open all night

Down Sand Island Rd., isn't this great

The winners determined by who's first through the gate


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