Evidence points to the unknown author being the Mess Deck MAA on the CGC Barataria or one of her sister ships…

From a shallow hole in the after deck

comes a smell that's thick an ripe,

Of grease and sweat and unwashed neck

the creature known as the SNIPE.


He lives below in his stagnant cave

far from the light of day,

Far from the smell of wind and wave

in slime and slow decay.


But deck hands say when the light is draped

in the black you may hear him prowl,

As he comes topside like a ghost escaped

the paintwork to befoul.


He scratched his back on the paintwork

leaving a greasy smear,

And his smell goes out on the midnight air

polluting the atmosphere.


He smirches the deck with his greasy track

and smudges the stanchions too,

And he leaves a trail of gooey black

to be cleaned by the topside crew.


Now this is the reason that all men know

who follow the bos'n pipe,

That the vilest of beast lives down below

and is affectionately called "THE SNIPE".


Submitted by Billy Piner, CWO4, USCG Retired

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