BY Jim Oss

One of the curses of becoming an Officer is the need to obtain a sword for that once every two year full dress uniform inspection. Borrowing or renting one is often out of the question as everybody needs one at the same time. Mr. Mazeika receives his after the need has passed........

CHRELE (W-4) Mazeika was retiring after long and faithful service in the Coast Guard and Radio Station New Orleans was his last command.

Mr. Mazeika lamented that the whole time he was a warrant officer, he always had to rent an officer's sword for formal functions. The "old man" was from the Old Guard and you either loved or hated him.

Well, the white hat was passed (we hadn't been issued those new "Donald Duck" hats yet), and we collected enough to buy him a sword and gave it to him at the send-off prior to piping him over the side (over the levee, in this case).

Inscribed along the length of the blade was: "To Captain Mazeika From His Loyal Crew: Something You Can Always Fall Back On."

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